Social Media Campaign Review: 101 Use of Gadgets without Quick Heal


The Indian Internet security company Quick Heal has been working hard to educate the audience about the risk posed by viruses to their electronic gadgets. After using FM radio, print, and other media, the company launched a social media campaign on June 03 to take its mission forward.

Let us explore how the campaign, now in its 4th week, is doing.


The objective of the campaign is to educate people (non geeks) about the effects of viruses on their computers (all kinds), smartphones, and tablet devices.

Quick Heal is running this awareness campaign in order to expand its base in a market dominated largely by international companies like Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.


The PC and mobile security company has gone all-out into its ‘101 Uses of Gadgets without Quick Heal’ campaign that is led by short 30-second YouTube videos (see the first episode below) and supported by Facebook, Twitter, Blog & a dedicated microsite.

The campaign, which is managed by CogMat, is in the 4th week right now and is slotted to run for 5 full weeks. In its first week it had gained a significant mileage, so much so that its first week’s hashtag (#ADayWithoutInternet) topped the chart for trending topics in India, and it was among top 5 trending topics world wide (see the images below).

101usesofgadgets Quick Heal

101usesofgadgets - Worldwide Trends

In the second week, the company used the hashtag #WithoutQuickHeal to maintain the momentum gained in the first week and bring the brand name to the forefront.

WithoutQuickHeal Facebook Update

Scope for improvement

I wish they could have done more with the layout of their YouTube channel. On the Micro-site, the company has used Q to link to its blog, which is placed alongside Facebook and Twitter icons. Although the look and feel of the Q is different, it brings Quora to the mind. Also, they can do away with /wp/ in the blog URL.


The contest has been well-planned and executed, but the campaign managers also need to figure out what they will do with fans, followers, and subscribers they have gained once the campaign is over because the fans, followers, and subscribers gained are not on the brand page of Quick Heal, but on the campaign page.

People’s interest in interacting with such pages may wane out once the contest and campaign is over. Hence, the brand needs to find a way to integrate these fans on its primary social media profiles, if it is not going to manage it for years to come, which seems unlikely.

101usesofgadgets - Facebook Update

On Twitter, the hashtag is making people talk, as you can see in the following image. The campaign has strengthened Quick Heal’s brand recognition. I like how they have used branded hashtags like #WithoutQuickHeal and ensured good traction.

WithoutQuickHeal - Tweets

And the fact that they have engaged influencers on Twitter is commendable.

Influencers Tweets - Quick Heal

Moreover, because it is running for 5 long weeks and isn’t a burst campaign, it has ensured a sustained engagement with its audience.