Social Media Campaign Review: Kingfisher Strong Backstage [Weekly Webisodes]

Kingfisher Weekly Webisodes

After the super success of #KFBeerUp this IPL season, Kingfisher is back with a bang with its one of a kind ‘digital only’ music program that aims to unearth new exciting talent.


Good times call for music. And through this campaign, Kingfisher Strong wants to engage its users with great Indian music. This campaign will also help Kingfisher Strong to reach out deep into the music enthusiast segment.


Kingfisher Strong Backstage, which marked its debut on June 12th 2013, aims at unearthing new talent whilst bringing out a series of new and original compositions by artists from across the country.

Purely a digital activity, Kingfisher Strong Backstage is all about music.

Every week, Kingfisher Strong will bring forth one singer who will enthral the audience with his/her singing talent coupled with fresh compositions. Each song is recorded in a studio and a high quality version is uploaded on the YouTube channel of Kingfisher and shared on their Facebook page. You can find some of them here:

A novel musical series for promising artists, Kingfisher Strong Backstage aims to create an exceptional journey through the heart and soul of Indian music using the digital medium by providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talent. Out of all the singers introduced every week, one will be chosen as the ‘Artist of the Month’ through a voting mechanism who will get to record a music video as well. This will also capture the journey of the singer from a nobody to a singing sensation.

As a user, all you need to do is to sit back, enjoy the music and vote for your favourite singer.


I like the way Kingfisher created a pre-launch buzz with the help of teaser videos instead of the usual pre-launch image/text updates on Facebook & Twitter.

Kudos to Kingfisher for unveiling a digital-only music show. I think it is the first time any brand is doing such an exciting digital-only activity that is purely video based. Not many brands are tapping into the online video space, so it is heartening to see video content marketing at its best. Kingfisher is creating a digital property with great content that has high possibility of getting good traction.

And it is great to see YouTube being used to its maximum potential.

The songs are a treat to your ears and the production quality is really good. Thus, videos are getting a really good response, not only in terms of views but they are also garnering a good number of likes and comments on YouTube.

Moreover, these videos are being promoted actively on Kingfisher’s Facebook & Twitter channel where, again, they have managed to create a buzz around themselves by getting scores of likes, comments and shares.

Also, my extra love to them for coming up with a long-term campaign. The Indian digital space has only seen short campaigns that fizzle out no sooner than they begin. This weekly webisode format will go a long way in branding Kingfisher amongst the entire music lovers target segment.
Since it is purely content driven campaign, there’s no doubt it will end up as a super success.

Kingfisher Strong Backstage

Scope of Improvement:

While I am excited to see how this campaign pans out, I wish they had marketed it more in the pre-launch phase. But since it is the early days, I will keep my views on hold for this one. It is looking all positive till now.


Content marketing at its best will definitely help Kingfisher increase its reach and I won’t be surprised seeing their engagement rate shoot up.