Social Media Campaign Review: SanDisk Facebook Photo Contest

If you were beginning to believe that Facebook contests and campaigns were only for FMCG brands then Sandisk, a global leader in flash memory storage solutions with its Facebook contest to commemorate 25 years will come as a pleasant surprise.  Here’s a look at its campaign:


As a global leader in flash memory storage solutions, SanDisk Corporation with its Facebook photo caption contest that offers 20 USB flash drives to be won daily seeks to engage with fans through the power of pictures and a flair for encapsulating the picture in words. Offering its USB flash drives as prizes puts the spotlight on its flagship product which is the thing to do after 25 years in business, right?

sandisk 25 years celebrationExecution

A dedicated Facebook app lets you register for the contest which is open to Indian residents only. The app asks for permission to access your personal profile, friend list, email, etc. You can if you like skip the next step which asks for permission to post to your friends. Next up, you give a caption to the picture that pops up, submit and you’re done.  You can also invite friends to participate.

sandisk 25 years celebration Facebook Photo caption contest

sandisk 25 years celebration Facebook Photo caption contestPositives

The campaign is simple and straightforward, doesn’t call for any rocket science or knowledge about computers. Just give a caption to the picture and that’s all that is required. So all you need to work on is scripting that perfect, attention grabbing caption. The option to invite friends to participate gives the campaign the potential to go viral, provided people exercise the option.  The app is well designed and navigation is smooth. Besides, the Facebook page is replete with daily updates on the contest which is good and keeps the online buzz high.

sandisk 25 years celebration Facebook Photo caption contestScope for Improvement

What is missing is an offline twist to the campaign. Perhaps a contest at stationary stores across India or at least major cities would have worked to generate greater interest? There is little mention of the contest and no updates on how it is progressing on the brand’s Twitter profile, indicating a lack of coordination across social media platforms.

sandisk 25 years celebration Facebook Photo caption contestConclusion

After a quarter of a century at the forefront of flash memory SanDisk is working hard to leverage the brand on social media platforms. Overall the contest to mark 25 years is a step forward in that direction and its simple approach stands out.  However, what is missing is creativity, innovation and hype, all essential ingredients of any high impact social media campaign.


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