Social Media Campaign Review: The Forum’s Denim Unplugged

Bikram K. Singh
Jun 21, 2013 12:16 IST
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Social Media Campaign Review: The Forum’s Denim Unplugged

The Forum Mall is one of the most exciting shopping destinations in Bangalore which gives visitors a complete shopping experience. Since March 15, 2010, the mall is using Facebook to interact with the visitors and improve their shopping experience by announcing forthcoming events, ongoing promotions, holding contests, and offering prizes and give-aways. Denim Unplugged, a denim festival, is one such promotional campaign, and our goal in this article is to analyse that campaign.


The campaign has a twofold objective. On one hand it aims to announce the denim festival that is going on in the mall and thus increase the footfall, and on the other hand the promotion aims to increase the mall’s Facebook fans.


The game is a simple crossword puzzle. All you have to do is fill in the blank spaces with the help of clues. Hint: These are denim brands. There is no time limit! If your initial answer is wrong, you can correct your mistake.

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim

The landing page of various graphic banners that the Forum Mall has created for the campaign is aimed towards increasing the number of fans of its Facebook page, as it is evident from the image below, but individually the banners have tried different routes to inform users to participate in the campaign and win vouchers (see the second image).

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim landing tab

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim increase footfalls

The social media team of the mall has also used posts to increase the footfall (and thus sales) by promoting the event through its cover image (see the first image), and offering assured gifts in there when certain action is completed.

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim increase footfalls

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim increase footfalls

They have also been running an other contest in which users have to share their Denim Stories.

The Forum Mall unbutton the denim Page engagement


The game is simple, but not even extraordinary. I like its design and interface. The denim stories contest would help in increase engagement and interactivity on the page.

Forum Mall has made a positive use of the cover image to promote the ongoing event. It has also created a handful of visually appealing posts to promote the event, which will fetch some positive result for the mall – in the form of increased footfall and Facebook fans. The promotional posts are interesting.

Scope for Improvement

I could not see any scope of virality in the crossword puzzle app. They could have used twitter to promote the campaign but there is only cross posting of Facebook updates on their twitter profile. The landing tab creative should have talked about the assured gift and gift voucher. There are two objectives that this campaign needs to fulfil, but due to lack of proper syncing of these two goals in the graphic, the objective of increasing footfall appears to be lost. From the campaign’s tab it appears that all the campaign cares about is increasing fans.


The idea behind this campaign was quite sound, and the social media team has succeeded in executing it to a significant extent, but it failed to take the idea to its logical end. The campaign is in line with overall social media strategy of the Forum Mall, which is to promote the mall in such a way that it increases the footfall in the actual premise. The campaign may help the mall increase footfall during the denim festival, but the result would have been even more satisfactory should both the objectives have been properly synced with the campaign announcement banner.

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