Social Media Campaign Review: Westside Stores Father’s Day Celebration

Bikram K. Singh
Jun 15, 2013 12:40 IST
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Social Media Campaign Review: Westside Stores Father’s Day Celebration

Retail stores have always used special occasions to push sales and create a bond with its customers, but some efforts create enough buzz and give a healthy ROI on the money invested, while, others do not bring the desired result. In this article, we shall analyze Westside Stores’ Father’s day Celebration campaign, and see if it falls in the former or the latter category.


The design of the campaign clearly suggests that it needs to reach out to create offline buzz by giving away a custom magnet to the campaign participants’ dads with the tweet they posted using #MyDadIs hashtag scribbled on it. Another objective appears to be to reach out to male members of the family. This is a worthy effort for a brand that is patronized largely by women.


The retail store has created a hashtag #MyDadIs and asked the users to tweet what they feel about their dads in order to participate in the campaign. The participants also need to dedicate their twitter bios to their fathers. The design of the campaign is very simple and straightforward.

Westside Stores Father’s Day Celebration

Westside Stores have also created a video montage of various people talking what their fathers mean to them. The video is " target="_blank">hosted on YouTube and is shared on Twitter.


The retail store has elicited positive emotions and helped users voice their love and respect for their fathers, which is evident from the tweets posted below and an image-montage of tweets shared on the platform by Westside.

Westside Stores Father’s Day Celebration

Westside is cross promoting the campaign on Facebook as well. Now that we have Facebook hashtags, they could have spiced it up!

A personalized magnet giveaway is a nice tactical move. This will help the store enter Indian households and remind the dwellers of its presence creating a top-of-mind recall for the store. The magnet will also be a subject of many discussions between the recipients and their friends and families, which will help the store project itself as a strong brand with high recall value.

Scope for improvement

For one thing, Westside should have used a little more appropriate hashtag or a branded hashtag than #MyDadIs. This particular hashtag has been used by other brands as well to promote their Father’s Day events on Twitter- eg. HP and Tanishq (Though Tanishq and Westsite, both belong to Tata Group). Sharing the hashtag for different contest creates confusion, and it will be difficult to know who has tweeted on Westside Stores’ initiative and who has done so for HP and others.

In addition, as it has used a video montage to generate interest, the retail store should have created Vine videos (micro videos) about Father’s Day to generate interest. The store could have used an image as well in all-text campaign ad.

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