Social Samosa is Looking for Superheroes. Are You One?

When Social Samosa kicked off in December 2011, we walked at a very brisk pace towards our ‘goal’. Later on, we picked up some momentum and started running. And these days, I would say Social Samosa has been sprinting. Like mad. And we are looking to push the peddle further now. We want to reach our ‘goal’ faster and which is why we have decided to fly.

And what is our ‘goal’ you may ask?

We want to push the Indian social media industry to new horizons. We want agency owners, brand managers and social media professionals to realize that there’s a lot more to social media than just marketing. We want to take the Industry away from the run-of-the-mill strategies to path-breaking innovation.

And to reach this goal, we need to build our team. We need to grow our tribe and include some awesome folks who are as passionate as we are about social media and are driven to usher the Indian social media industry in a better direction.

Social Samosa is primarily a content driven portal. Content is our bread and butter (and beer too). And we would like to believe that good content has the power to bring change.

To build our kickass content team, we are looking for 2 people based out of Mumbai.

The Masterchef

The samosas need some extra spice! We are looking for a Senior Content Writer who can write on serious topics like strategy reviews, CRM, Big Data et all. We want you to know the ins and outs of social media and have a flair for writing. Of course an analytical thought process is a must.

Bob The Builder

We want a Content Manager who will handle our core content operations. One who will interact with agencies in sourcing case studies and press releases. One Who will format the articles, proofread them, interact with the authors and write some articles as well.

Once you join us, you will be a part of the crazy Social Samosa team:

  1. The Diva, Ankita: Awesomeness with social media aside, she is mad about shoes. Doer of crazy things.
  2. The Biker, Aditya: He burns the midnight oil. Literally. The anchor of Social Samosa, he faces every problem lite’ly.
  3. Serial Prankster, Rakesh: Life threatening PJs. No I am serious.
  4. Wonder Woman, Nirali: She’s the rockstar of our team. Small packet, badaa dhamaaka.

Yes, there will be a good amount of work & it will be kickass, no doubt. We are a startup with a desire to fly.. not just run. So we are looking for people who are willing to be a part of our crazy setup and take it to levels unheard of.

Monies? Yes there will be good pay, but we won’t be shelling truckloads of it. We are a bootstrapped startup, and growing tremendously, you will be assured of a rocking time and an amazing experience. We need people who are passionate about social media and startups.

Stoked to join Social Samosa? Drop in your resume to [email protected] and mention the designation (Sr. Content Writer or Content Manager) in the subject.

Hope to see you as my next teammate :)