Social Media Campaign Review: Tweet4Change by Tata Tea

If you have had enough of cricket centric campaigns and contests that egg you on to win prizes then the Tweet4change is a campaign that comes like a breath of fresh air.

tweetforchange tata tea Social Media CampaignObjective:

The ‘JaagoRe’ campaign sprung from Tata Tea’s wish to go beyond the product or brand and trigger social awakening. It is a call to action to the common man from being complacent to start making informed decisions and think about the issues we so easily brush under the carpet or think it is up to anyone else to bring about change.

From “Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru” to the call to action ‘Vote’ initiative, JaagoRe has consistently been committed to communicating and providing platforms to empower and transform.
The ‘Simplify’ campaign is revolves around facilitating a change in the mind-set of the public at large.


The Twitter based campaign is hosted on  and takes off from the small beginnings or “Choti shuruaat” campaign where Shah Rukh Khan promises to make his small beginning by putting his heroine’s names first.  This time the theme is supporting NGOs that help empower women.

A Twitter based campaign that encourages you to “Make A Difference” #Tweet4Change. Make a Choti Shuruaat by tweeting your support for an NGO that helps empower women. For each tweet, Tata Tea Jaago Re will donate Rs.100.

The campaign site displays the amount left and contributed to keep people informed.

Tweetforchange tata tea


There is nothing to be won and that makes the campaign different.  It breaks away from commercialization and instead focuses on making you an instrument for social change.  It draws attention to empowerment of women which is necessary in this time when women in India have increasingly been targets of physical and emotional abuse.

Scope for Improvement

A simple search for tweet4change did not throw up much information online. The campaign lacks the buzz required to make it viral. There does not seem to be a dedicated Facebook app for the contest. Yes, it is Twitter based but supplementing it with Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus might have generated greater buzz.


Overall the campaign is in line with Tata Tea’s essence as a brand that promised freshness of the tea gardens, to a brand that awakens every Indian. It has transformed the way beverages are marketed through its ‘Jaago Re’ campaigns and the Tweet4change campaign takes this further.

Tata Tea has promoted social awakening and action – calling upon young people to vote, inviting consumers to pledge against bribery and through bringing citizen volunteers together with 70+ NGOs to give their time for a range of good causes which now includes women empowerment.


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