Social Media Campaign Review: My Dream Home by

jabong contest, one of India’s leading fashion and lifestyle ecommerce portal was started in India in January 2012. received an award for the ‘Most Impactful Launch of the year’ at ‘Pitch Brand 50 awards.’ Widely known all-over India, is began a new campaign ‘Home sweet Home,’ to gain a greater audience.

my dream home jabong.comObjective:

The objective of the campaign was to give the audience a platform where they could share a picture of the part of their home they loved the most.


The campaign began on Facebook and Twitter, with the audience being asked to post a picture of the part of their home they love the most. The picture with the highest likes will have higher chances at winning, though the final decision would rest in the hands of the Page Owner or Contest Moderator.JabongIndia  Contest


People responded well to the campaign and participated enthusiastically with a number of pictures being posted. The campaign gave the company an idea as to which parts of the home do people love the most. This can help them boost the sales of certain products. tweets JabongIndia  tweets

Scope for improvement:

The contest was too long, beginning in June and ending on 10th July. This resulted in Jabong losing the crowd’s involvement.  Also, there is no mention of this campaign on their website or Youtube channel. They tweeted thrice about this but had other contests going on at that time, which led to the interest being diluted. Perhaps, the next time they could focus on one campaign at a time. It would have helped if they had created more of a buzz around this campaign. A 30 second video on Youtube which played before videos would have helped to get the message around.

The contest had been held during their end of season sale, which mainly held the attention of the audience, not the contest. The campaign thus, didn’t need to drive traffic to their website. They could have used this to boost the ratings.


Conclusively, the campaign did fairly well. It generate traffic, but wasn’t an absolute hit.