The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Facebook Likes by Allfacebook [Infographic]

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The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Facebook Likes by Allfacebook [Infographic]

The essence of social media is in knowing your audiences and engaging them in something they love. The 'Like' option on Facebook is not the only way to market something on the social network, but it is the all-important first step to creating a relationship with potential clients and customers.

Allfacbook’s new infographic called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Facebook Likes’ tells you what you need to do, in order to increase your Facebook likes.

Social media marketing suite Wishpond has offered seven top ways that brands can use to boost their like totals. Wishpond encouraged the use of:

1. Contests

Contests are the easiest way to get people excited and draw in new users as Facebook fans.

2. Like-gated coupons

Coupons are a great promotional gimmick, something that has worked for decades. Something small like a 10% off coupon gives people an incentive, while keeping your margin intact.

3. Like-gated eBooks

Educational content may, at times, be better than coupons, discounts, and prizes.

4. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are the easiest way to increase your Facebook Likes because you receive guaranteed visibility to a highly targeted audience.

5. Like buttons or boxes on blogs

Adding a like button to your blog will get you likes, in a non persuasive way.

6. Like buttons on website headers

Having a like button on your website is an easy way to drive new Likes overtime.

7. Exclusive like-gated videos

Exclusive behind-the-scenes and interviews is a great way to get new Likes. Just like discounts and e-books, they can be Like-gated and displayed on a tab in your Facebook Page.

Increase Facebook Likes Infographic

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