[Update] Indian Mujahideen Issues Threats via Twitter

Dhwani Gandhi
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[Update] Indian Mujahideen Issues Threats via Twitter

Hamara Agla Target Mumbai Hai. Rock Sago Toh Rock Lo, 7 days Left

These are the words that @IndianMujahidin posted on Twitter on the 6th of July. Translated in English, it is threat that says "Our next target is Mumbai. Stop us if you can. 7 days left."

The handle, that is now suspended by Twitter is alleged to be the official handle of the terrorist group, Indian Mujahideen, which has been accused for several terror attacks in the country in the past. The Twitter handle seemed to be created recently and it had only two tweets.

In fact, after the blasts at Mahabodhi, the Twitter handle was claiming to be the chief perpetrator.

Security has been beefed up throughout Mumbai after the threats were issued. Sadanand Date, Jt Police Commissioner (Law & Order) said:

Going by the current situation, we have sensitised our policemen and appropriate steps are being taken to ensure security at vulnerable places. We have also alerted the security men at vital locations.

We appeal to the citizens to be alert and inform the policemen in case they find any suspicious object.


Times of India reported that The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is seeking the help Twitter to know the registration details of an alleged Indian Mujahideen handle that claimed responsibility for the Bodh Gaya blasts 12 hours after the explosions.

"We are trying to gather details relating to identity and IP address used to register the account. Though it could be a fake handle created by an impostor, we have to rule out any genuine link to IM, more so as as a tweet ahead of the blasts warns of an impending strike at Mumbai,"

a senior home ministry official told TOI.

But the question arises, how proactive is our government when it comes to curbing the activities of anti-social elements on Internet?

Is the government working actively with Twitter in fighting such cases? Because as it stands, the issue should concern Twitter as much as it concerns the government. Twitter can't let its platform being used in such a way.

No sooner did Twitter block the first account, another account — @IndianMujahidi1 appeared.

The second account tweeted, gave a deadline of 48 hours (July 13) to attack Mumbai. It tweeted the following text,

"Dekhte hai tum log kitne accounts block karte ho"

(let's see how many accounts you guys will block).

Twitter has suspended the second twitter account as well for violations of the Twitter Rules.

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