INK Live 2013, Coming to Kochi this October!

Change is a word that has been used so often that it has become synonymous with the society and its people. Embodying this change is INK. Through their main events- the INK Conference and now INK Live, they aim to equip you with their special ingredient through which you can do wonders.

The INK Conference, in association with TED, is a coming together of a diverse set of people for 3 days of complete immersion in ideas. Compared to a ‘brain spa’, the stories, ideas, and perspectives shared here challenges your thinking and what you know. This year, the conference is held in Kochi from 25th– 27th October.

INK Live 2013

Targeted specifically for the main change makers of today- the youth, INK Live is a stimulating experience created around the live telecast of the INK conference from 25th – 27th October, with simultaneous workshops, contests, speaker interactions, and more. With attendees from India and different parts of the world, one can explore the ethnic, social and professional diversity of the world. It will be a perfect break for everyone who wishes to catch a break to engage, interact and learn.

At INK we get an amalgamation of thoughts from across generations of thinkers and innovators, along with the opportunity to learn more. The willingness to change with time is something that must be imbibed and what better place to learn than INK.

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Article courtesy Kruthika on behalf of INK.