NDTV becomes the First Indian Company to Cross 1 million Twitter Followers

NDTV, one of India’s leading media houses, has become the first Indian company to cross 1 million followers on Twitter. The @ndtv Twitter handle achieved the feat earlier this month on July 4. However, the confirmation for the fact that it is the first Indian company to do so, came recently from the company’s CEO, Vikram Chandra, in the form of a tweet.

The news outlet has been active on Twitter since May 02, 2009. However, in a span of one year, the brand has doubled up its follower count from 500,000 to a whopping one million. Social Media handlers might be curious what is it that NDTV is doing right that hundreds or other companies are not.

To be very honest, for a brand that does not ‘interact’ or ‘engage’ as such with the audience, the number of followers is quite impressive. Hence, our curiosity lead us to an analysis about the same. Firstly, news is a basic service and Twitter is an easy platform to tack news. Taking the Indian region into account, the lack of competition that posts tweets as thorough as the channel is question is one of the reasons for its success.

NDTV’s followers on Twitter: July 1, 2012 to Jul 10, 2013

Otherwise, a news channel in huge debt, the web wing of the company known as NDTV Convergence is hailed as one of the most active online news outlets in India. Perhaps the huge follower base also comes due to the penetration of NDTV’s varied services across the web. The well maintained and integrated social media policy even on mobile and desktop applications adds to the winning strategy as well.

The breaking news angle is surely one to sell along with active live tweets during significant events such as elections and notable speeches. Adding to that, the active presence of leading representatives of the company is indirect strategy resulting in the impressive numbers. For instance, Barkha Dutt, Editor, NDTV 24×7, has a follower base of over 950,000 on Twitter, soon reaching to hit a million.

On the grounds of content, the media outlet shares news as well as breaks news. Proactive tweets are usually links to entire articles on the website with news and quotes coming in simple text as well. A huge chunk on the news handle happens to be retweets from other accounts of the media company ranging from @NDTVGadgets, @NDTVProfit, @CricketNDTV, @NDTVGoodTimes and so on.

It is no secret that most new ‘tweeple’ from India are welcomed on the platform with @ndtv as one of the top suggested accounts to follow. The fact that a lot of NDTV bashing happens on Twitter is also a fact not unknown. The active tweeting nature with an average of 89 tweets a certainly one to appreciate.

Perhaps a huge number loves the brand and an equally large number happens to despise it. Despite the variation in emotions, surely a lot of people follow it. Because in the end, one does need quick news updates. And going with the current competition existing in the Indian media market, NDTV is certainly the best bet.