Social Media Campaign Review: Yeh Mera Ghar by SPR Buildtech Ltd.

Yeh mera ghar facebook

SPR Buildtech Ltd, based in Faridabad, launched their social media campaign named “Yeh Mera Ghar” on Facebook on June 28.


SPR Buildtech is a real estate venture based in Faridabad, dealing in luxury apartments and penthouses. SPR Buildtech is mainly trying to gain popularity online, while also trying to build and engage their fan base through this campaign, though that is a secondary objective.

SPR Buildtech Facebook profile


As part of this Campaign, SPR has asked people to upload a picture of something innovative and creative from their home. It could be anything creative/innovative/unique (it could be an interesting colorful wall, any room, kitchen, bathroom, roof/ceiling of any room, stairs) at home. The first criterion to participate is to like the brand Facebook page, and only manually clicked and captioned pictures upto 5 GB were considered eligible to win.

As a winning token they were giving vouchers worth of Rs. 2500 for three categories:

  1. Best Room (any room including kitchen and Bathroom)
  2. Best furniture
  3. Best showpiece

The Grand prize offered was worth Rs.10,000/-

The contest closes on 15 July, 2013.

Yeh mera ghar facebook contest


This campaign has led to the page getting a lot of traffic and has engaged fans, which usually does not happen on a real estate page because they are considered too boring to be even looked at. The idea of the contest is very creative and has allowed the participants to become artistic. The idea is also very closely related to real estate and will encourage the audience to peep into their projects.

The application is nicely designed and there is plenty of user generated content. Users had to share their story and talk about their decision to purchase the featured item. This could fetch some actionable insights about home decor, houses and furniture, which in turn can be used to create SPR Buildtech’s Content Strategy.

SPR Buildtech has been successful in fulfilling its objective of increasing their Fanbase and keeping them engaged.

SPR Buildtech Ltd. Facebook Fanbase

Scopes for Improvement:

SPR Buildtech’s fanbase is mostly between the age group of 18-24 years, which is the wrong set of audience. I don’t think a youngster would be interested in buying a house, and even he would be, he wouldn’t be the one paying for it.

Also, their Twitter Strategy needs serious work. There was no dedicated hashtag to promote this contest, and they were tweeting irrelevant random things.

SPR Buildtech Ltd. (SPRBuildtech) on TwitterConclusion:

While the contest worked well on Facebook, SPR Buildtech could have done a lot more on Twitter. A contest hashtag could have much been better than using random haphazard hashtags.