Twitter to Auction Promoted Trends for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Rahim Musani
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Twitter to Auction Promoted Trends for 2014 FIFA World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Brazil. Seems like the teams and fans are not the only ones getting ready for the big event. Twitter is in motion to sell remunerative ad packages. Twitter is setting up its own market and will be conducting blind auditions overseen by Price Waterhouse Coopers to sell promoted trends later this month, according to a sales deck obtained by Ad Age. The Economic Times were the first one to report on this matter.

This is the first time Twitter has set up an auction for an event. This indicates that Twitter can host more such auctions for the Oscars and Super Bowl. The only real difference between a trend and a promoted trend is that it is purchased by an advertiser and is clearly marked as promoted. Promoted trends are visible to all users on as long as they are being promoted.


Promoted trends are the closest things Twitter has to a homepage Ad. The last reported price to claim a promoted tweet was $200,000. There are, four world-cup packages available gold, silver and two bronze - designed to reach 50 countries and over 200 million users. The estimate value of buy, time around next summer comes to $600,000.

Twitter has declined to comment on the auction.

However, its precipitance is explained by the fact that global brands are already developing marketing strategies and commit spend towards the World Cup. Real time marketing is a bit of a misnomer.

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