5 Twitter Hashtag Monitoring Tools You Didn't Know Existed

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A Hashtag, which is a simple organizational concept that allows people to organize their tweets, thoughts, and ideas around one topic (which is represented by a hashtag), has become so powerful that even Facebook has integrated this content and users' discovery device in its platform, making it further valuable. As a social media marketer you should already know the value of a hashtag, so instead of detailing on that, I will take you to some hashtag tools that are more powerful than your classic, and which will help you use hashtags in your campaign more effectively.


Hashtagify is an appropriate tool for searching hashtags. It helps you find hashtags, tweets around them, and hashtags related to the one you have searched. It also helps you find top influencers for a hashtag. This is a freemium tool which means you have to pay to use a certain portion of the tool. For the purposes of this article, when I searched with the hashtag #SocialMedia I got the following results in the related hashtag section.

hashtagify hashtag monitoring tool


TWUBS hashtag tool

Twubs is another hashtag search tool which has a search-string auto-complete feature like Google which completes (and gives you some hashtags suggestions) as you type in your hashtag. It also has a directory feature where one can add one's hashtag or find an alternate to use in a marketing campaign. A user can also register his or her hashtag on the platform to get a brandable landing page for that hashtag, which can  be further used to host chat sessions. It can also be embedded in a website or used as an on-page standalone webpage.


Hashonomy hashtag monitoring tool

Hashonomy is another important hashtag tool, which not only allows you to search and discover a hashtag, but also helps you bookmark your favorite links via twitter, and then organize them according to hashtags. It also tells you how many times a hashtag has been used giving you an opportunity to search for relevant hashtags for your campaign. This is an excellent content curation tool that you can use and you will find influencers also using this tool. This also appears to be a free tool.


If you want to look for tags that works on platforms besides Twitter, or if you have to run a cross-platform campaign using the same hashtag everywhere, #tagboard is the tool that you should explore. Along with Twitter, it tells you about the hashtag on Facebook, instagram, Google+, Vine, and You can monitor conversations revolving around one hashtag on all the above platforms.

For this article, when I searched for the hashtag #SocialMedia, the tool brought the following result from various social media platform, but because of the limitation of space, the screenshot I have shared below has content from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

tagboard hashtag monitoring tool

The interface of this tool is quite minimalist. As of now, the tool is free to use.


hashtracking hashtag monitoring tool

If you are not satisfied with the above tools and need some in-depth analytics of your hashtag campaigns and events, then Hashtracking is the tool to use. It gives you a detailed analysis for your hashtag. It conducts real-time tracking and offers great control on things that you want to measure. It gives you a complete list of people who have used a particular hashtag, along with details on tweets, re-tweets, and number of impressions. But the sad part is there is a price attached to this baby. You will need to cough up at least $29 per month.


Using any of the hashtag tools that I have discussed above will give you a good head start in appropriating this little nifty tool for your marketing campaign. Just pick the one that you find most suitable for your purpose. So which hashtag tool are you going to try first? Comment below and let's see which tool wins the battle.

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