[Video Walkthrough] How to Install a Custom Tab on Facebook

Facebook custom tabs is an engaging and effective way to create a richer user experience on Facebook. But, a lot of people make use of app services that usually charge a bomb.

In this video, we have simplified the entire process of installing a custom tab on your Facebook page. As an executive, it is something that you must learn if you are serious about enhancing your knowledge of Facebook marketing. And if you’re aspiring to become a Facebook Developer, this is a must have ammunition in your arsenal.

Custom tabs are effective in redirecting more traffic from Facebook to your website.These tabs are effective when it comes to promoting a particular event, a contest, campaign or product. They can be used as like gates to generate Facebook fans. Exclusive content on the tab cab be available to only those who ‘like’ your page. Contests, sweepstakes, and promotions can be run on these tabs.

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