How Brands have Capitalized on the Buzz Surrounding IPL


Live events and Sports are great opportunities to capitalize on the buzz surrounding them. There are so many tweets, photos updates, contests, posts, Foursquare check-ins and other social media activities going on during such events. There is huge scope of engagement!

But it is not easy as it seems. A lot of pre-planning and research is required to stay ahead of time! Planning gives you a competitive edge and you are better organized to cover the real-time happenings. Simplify 360 has created a report on how brands have capitalized on the buzz surrounding IPL.

IPL6 Scores on Social Media with Twitter:

The numbers have been suggesting thatI PL6 has outperformed IPL5 with the number of tweets and conversations exceeding that of the previous edition.

The number of tweets for IPL6 are 5,743,211*. With the IPL buzz around the corner, many brands have chipped into drive their growth engine further.

What they have found:

  • Integrated social media campaigns highly increase the user engagement and brand conversations
  • Brands can be successful in capturing the IPL buzz without putting tons of money on sponsorship
  • Humor and entertainment emerge as the key factors for engagement of IPL viewers
  • Online contests are an important but clichéd way for attracting viewers on social media
  • Appropriate Influencers can do wonders in terms of user engagement and brand development
  • Generic Hashtags can lead to greater reachability and deeper connect on social media

How Brands can leverage influencers for customer engagement?

  • Overal lgenre of posts/influencer is an important factor in the selection of an appropriatei nfluencer
  • Audience of an influencer is another important factor in the selection of an appropriate influencer
  • Direct marketing of content about the brand by influencers can have significant ramifications butitis ‘subtle’ involvement of the brand in daily life/posts (i.e.suggestive in nature or in a light manner) holds the key
  • Humor – the key to establishing the vital connect to audience
  • Content is the strength of influencers!

So what are you waiting for? Look in to the Calender and start planning for the next news-worthy event!