Facebook Introduces Shared Photo Albums

Facebook introduced a new feature where multiple users can now upload pictures in one shared album.

The user creates an album, and can then provide access to this album to a maximum of 50 other users. These users will have permission to upload 200 images each, and share the images of said album with their friends. This means the user and his/her 50 contributors are allowed to upload a total of 10,000 photos altogether.

Facebook shared photo album

However, it is the album creator who retains complete control over album invitations, even having the authority to reject your invitation, and can choose a setting that in turn allows contributors to invite others to the album. Before this shared photo album feature, a user could upload a maximum of 1000 photos in a particular album.

Facebook, with their innovation, has given more power to its users to make major events of their lives more memorable, revolutionising their online experience.

As of now, this feature is only available to a small bunch of English users, and Facebook will expand it internationally in the days to come.