How are Indian Brands Using Vine to Promote Themselves?

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 What is Vine?

Vine is a mobile application from the makers of Twitter that allows you to create 6-second looping videos using your iPhone or iPad, now even Android version 4.0 or more, and share using Twitter and/or Facebook. Using Vine doesn't require any special skills and posting to social media is easy. It is one of the latest entries into the social media world which interestingly is gaining a lot of popularity when it comes to promoting a business.

According to a report generated by Vine and Mashable, 87% of marketers in U.S. use video streams to promote their business and content. This increase in the use video for promoting content has left behind blog posts and articles which only account for 66 and 44 percentages respectively. It is considered to be the next big thing in the world of social media. This report also indicates that by the year 2017, mobile video will represent 66% of Global Mobile Data, a rise from 51% in 2012.

So why not use Vine to promote your business too?

We know how videos go viral on YouTube. We also know that videos engage crowd and audiences. A study by AYTM Market Research showed that the vast majority of US internet users (about 60%) visited YouTube at least once a week in March 2013. Out of that percentage, 22% visited YouTube every day, and nearly 30% visited YouTube a few times per week. These recent statistics show the popularity of YouTube Videos which clearly indicate that people love watching videos.

Since the usage of videos is so large, creating a Vine account for your company is crucial.

Some Indian Brands are using Vine to promote their Businesses:

1) MTV India's Pick Me Up: The most recent and strenuous Vine video was done by MTV India in order to promote their Vine videos. These videos were based on "how or how not to pick up women" done in three episodes and in a complete professional manner. There first 6 seconds Vine video was actually shot in 18 hours and all the three episodes in 24 hours. These upcoming Vine videos by MTV is indicating how MTV is changing its content strategy with digital and is updating itself with technology.

2) Revlon India: They have been doing a lot of Vine videos lately and are very active on Vine app. The comapny ran a campaign on Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick. To make it look social media friendly they made a Vine video out of it. Digital marketing agency, VML Qais helped them to come up with this idea. The product is a Food-proof lipstick. Check out the video:

3) Submerge: Submerge, a music and clubbing brand by Nikhil Chinappa, the well known VJ of Channel V made a Vine video to give his followers a view of what a session of Submerge Sundown looks like. Here is the video:

4) Global Post India: America's world's news site elaborated the mismanagement of waste in Delhi through this Vine video:

5) Rolling Stone India: A magazine that deals with entertainment, music, gigs and news update posted a Vine video showcasing its next month's cover and also engaging audiences by asking them to guess the band. Here is the tweet and Vine video:

6) Vogue India:The well known fashion magazine, Vogue India, used Vine in a very innovative manner and highlighted the events happening backstage.

7) India Today: At its Woman Summit, India Today made this creative Vine video showcasing Boney Kapoor where he talks about how he wooed his wife Sridevi. Through this video, India Today is not only publicized their event but also gave a message of #WomenPower via social networks, which will helped them build thought leadership.

Just like these brands, you too can use Vine for branding purposes. The six second video can be used for sharing office fun, promote different things, organizing contests, etc.

Lastly, don’t forget to make it interesting!

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