Social Media Campaign Review: Accenture creates a social recruiting channel with its Path to Success

Accenture Path to Success

As one of the world’s leading management consulting and technology services company, Accenture is a highly respected brand in the business as well as talent circles.
Having a decent social media presence in India, it recently launched “Path to Success” – an interesting Facebook app that takes on the usual quiz format and makes it engaging.

Accenture Path to Success


Accenture’s Path to Success Facebook app is a great way to find and engage potential talent in the industry. The quiz based format tests the aptitude of the users while keeping them engaged in an interesting gameplay.

And the data collected through this game will help them build a pipeline of talent whom they can reach out to as and when required.


Installed as a custom tab on the Accenture in India Facebook page, “Path to Success” is a simple quiz based game. Just roll the dice, land on a tile and you will be faced with a trivia question. The quiz tests your aptitude rewarding you for each correct answer while you climb up the corporate ladder.

Accenture Path to Success App Intro

There are 4 levels in the game representing the levels in the corporate ladder, namely:

  1. Associate Executive
  2. Sr. Associate Executive
  3. Mid-level Executive
  4. Senior Executive

As you move up the levels, the questions become tougher and tougher. And to keep you on tenterhooks, there is a 30-second time limit for each question. There are also bonus questions that help you jump to another level directly and garner more points.

You are given 3 lives in each level and each incorrect answer takes away one life. And if you’re out of all lives, your game ends in one corporate level.


When I first got to know of the game, I went “Duh! Another quiz app.” But I was totally wrong. Yes it is a quiz game but there’s more it than just answering questions. The form at the end of the game is a nice way to build a channel of good talent. Through this game, Accenture can easily shortlist people based on their aptitude.

It actually takes the users through the office of Accenture level after level, beginning from the lobby.

What’s more? The game provides an authentic experience of the corporate life by offering awards. The quiz manages to easily fuse fun with corporate structure.

Accenture Path to Success Awards

Running on Flash, the game is easy to play and smooth. I also loved the way Accenture is marketing the game to its community using visually pleasing graphics.

Accenture Path to Success Facebook update

And mind you, there are no iPads to be won. Finally a Facebook contest that rewards you with satisfaction and not some expensive gadget as a gratification.

Scope of Improvement

There’s no particular strategic scope of improvement but I feel they should look at providing hints once the questions becomes tougher. Then I might expect to reach the last level ;)


Overall, the game is a great social recruiting channel. It will help Accenture build a database of talent with good aptitude. As for users, it is a nice engaging quiz game. And if you’re someone looking to get into Accenture, do play this game and score well!