IndusInd Bank began a first-of-its-kind social media campaign bringing banking services to social media platforms on June 6, aptly titled “My Account My Number.”

IndusInd Bank Facebook Cover


IndusInd is trying to convince Indian customers to open a bank account with them, on the basis of Numerology.


After witnessing phenomenal success in the bank’s offline campaign, IndusInd Bank has taken this campaign to social media through an interesting Facebook app.

IndusInd Bank Facebook App

IndusInd Bank Facebook Application

An individual enters his/her date of birth and mobile number, and the Facebook app generates the lucky number for the individual. If a customer is further interested, he/she is guided to a separate page which allows him/her to open a bank account with IndusInd. The app essentially helps participants find their lucky numbers depending on the personal details they enter, with the help of numerologists.


Before the campaign began online, it was already being conducted offline, along with being featured on television. Sharman Joshi was asked to be an influencer for this campaign, which worked out very well. The campaigners asked users to like their page in order to use the app, which worked to increase the number of likes the page has.

Their target age group is 18-24, considering this group needs an account, as well as being able to handle accounts in various banks. IndusInd Bank is successfully driving traffic to their website with this app. Users can provide their details about themselves and IndusInd bank’s representative will get in touch with them.

This is a new and interesting concept, and is expected to do well, since many people would like to open an account based on their lucky numbers. The Indian psychology, attached to astrology and concept of Numerology entices the user.

The app asks for your date of birth, and mobile number when you enter the contest. By doing this, IndusInd Bank is building a database of interested customers with whom they could interact in the future.

IndusInd Bank Facebook Application

After participation, IndusInd is allowing users to share their experience with their friends, which will only lead to further engagement.

Scope for Improvement:

As I went over Twitter to catch the latest buzz on the promotion of this ongoing campaign, I was disappointed to find none. IndusInd Bank has no Twitter profile which indicates a half-baked strategy.

There was no proper promotion for the event. The only thing they talked about was Sharman Joshi’s video, and there was hardly any discussion about the campaign.


The concept is fresh and interesting and has engaged a lot of audiences but could have done well with better promotion tactics.

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