Social Media Campaign Review: Royale Play’s Wall Fashion Engages Users in a Creative Activity

Royale Play Campaign Poster

Asian Paints Royale Play is a unique shade of wall paint with special effects that has been present in the market for over 3 years. They recently launched a social media campaign named Wall Fashion on June 17 and concluded it on August 24.

Royale Play Wall Fashion Campaign


We know Royale Play, having watched Saif Ali Khan advertising it on television. The objective behind Royale Play’s Wall Fashion campaign was to engage users in a creative activity, strengthen its brand positioning and promote their various shades along with the product itself, for which Royale Play has been conducting various campaigns.


The app gave participants the choice of a wall and a stencils, provided by the app itself, to create a wall fashion. After designing the wall fashion, the creation gets shared on the participant’s Facebook wall. It automatically gets added to the app’s gallery where all the creations are uploaded. If the participant gets 10 votes (likes) for the creation, he/she becomes the winner of a free wall fashion stencil.

The winner can use the wall stencils on the walls of their home, and sharing the image with Royale Play will win them a surprise gift. Royale Play has also created a microsite for the said campaign.

Royale Play Wall Fashion Facebook App

Asian Paint's Wall Fashion


Getting 10 votes is no big deal, which shows that Royale play has given an easy chance for everyone to win and in return they have received double engagement from audience. The fact that it has managed to get almost 5000 participants is truly commendable, and this concept to increase participation is so good that it gives a cent percent chance of increment.

Royale Play Facebook Engagement

Users can see for themselves how different colour combinations can look on real walls. It is a personalized virtual preview how your home will look like after using these stencils. They are also giving away free stencils to the winners so that they can try it on their walls.

You can tweet and share the picture that you have created with your Facebook friends. Thus, there is a chance of getting more and more participation.

The app is easy to use. They also used a dedicated hashtag, which was useful for people being able to track them. Use of visually appealing graphics and the hashtag #WallFashion gave identity to their campaign.

Moreover, the fact that it encourages users to upload the photos of their wall is a great way to bridge the gap between the online and offline.

Scope of Improvement:

While Royale Play has its own Facebook Page, Asian Paints’ own homepage has made no efforts to promote this campaign. Their Twitter profile is being used to promote Royale Play, and I find this to be an anomaly, because the brand should be consistent on all the platforms it is present on. This app is not used to direct the traffic to their website. They could have helped interested prospects to plan out their painting project.


Highly engaging. Captivating visuals. Superb execution! Users are learning about Royale play in an interactive and a creative experience.