Social media Campaign Review: Shoppers Stop Perfect for Me App

Shoppers Stop is among the first retailers in India to acknowledge and use the potential of digital and social media to connect and engage with its customers. In the last one year, the brand has increasingly focused on Social media and the Digital space to market its products. Shoppers Stop has a well entrenched presence on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here is a look at its “Perfect for Me App” on Facebook.

Shoppers Stop Social Commerce perfect me appObjectives

Shoppers Stop celebrated the one million fans on Facebook milestone by giving a Rs 200 discount to all their Facebook fans. Loyalty analytics has enabled the retail giant to get repeat business from Facebook, as this activity earned the brand Rs 2 crore business from 10,000 customers. Their success lies in the realization that social media is a great medium for joy, engagement, but more importantly it must also convert to business.

The loyalty team at Shoppers Stop has been using the Business Intelligence Technology for the last two years. This helps them to communicate more effectively with customers. They are now working towards integrating social media data with customer buying behavior to mine trends and behavior.

The Perfect for Me app is a step further in this direction.

Shoppers Stop perfect me appImplementation

The Perfect for Me App is a dedicated Facebook app which is hosted on the Shoppers Stop Facebook page. The idea behind the app is to help you discover what you and your friends like the most from a catalogue of clothes made just for you. You have to like the page to use the app. While you wait for the app to launch you could watch a video that pops up on the screen.

From one minute twisty hairstyles to a burly guy telling you how much he loves his teddy bear, the variety of videos showcases Shoppers Stop offerings. Hit the “Enter” button and a collection of apparel and accessories pops up on the screen. You can choose your favorites and see what your friends like. Once you like a bag or an outfit a pop up prods you to share this on your wall telling others why you like it. The “On Sale” section does the obvious throws up what’s on sale.


The app is designed to perhaps gain insight in to consumer behaviour online. It is well designed and navigation is smooth. The crux of the matter here is to get people to see what’s on offer at Shoppers Stop, choose something they like and share it with their friends. If friends like common things then it makes people happy!

The virality aspect of this endeavour lies in the fact that sharing what you like with friends through the app will spark of Facebook conversations. It might also intrigue your friends enough that they try out the app. You can also see what your friends like which works out to be a twist on social commerce

You can like certain things from the app, following which the app short lists all that you like, making it easier to take buying decisions. The benefit to Shoppers Stop accrues in the form of insights on what is popular and what you like.

An app like this is effective in driving traffic to the website.The campaign is also supplemented with a call to action with videos exhorting customers to “Buy this”: The video content is good too.

Shoppers Stop also had a twitter auction to keep up the buzz

shoppers stop Social Media campaignScope for Improvement

Perhaps they could have used a branded hashtag for the Twitter auction.

A Shoppers Stop contest like the one it ran on Twitter which invited people to tweet using the hashtag #sstweetstore to win a variety of different prizes would perhaps have been more effective. The main draw of this contest was a special micro-site that displayed a real-time tweet counter. As each tweet was assigned a serial number, and prizes were announced for specific milestone numbers (For instance, the 500th tweet would be given a special prize), it succeeded in creating a huge buzz in social media circles.

From an engagement perspective the app is doing nothing ground breaking for audiences. Even though the target audience seems to be the youth who would like to know what friends and peers are wearing, it just does not seem to have the potential to generate buzz.


As a retail giant which has done pioneering work on social media, Shoppers Stop could really have come up with something more creative. An exciting, tongue in cheek contest or challenge would have definitely worked better than the Perfect for Me app.


Mariam Noronha is a teacher with over nine years of teaching experience. She has taught a wide range of management related subjects and has authored and presented papers at national and international seminars and conferences. An avid reader, researcher and writer; she has authored numerous articles in the copy writing, fiction, web writing and travel writing genre. She has authored four e-books on various genres of writing. Mariam currently writes her own business blog,TheOneOfAKindPreneur and provides consultancy to aspiring entrepreneurs with regard to business planning, branding, product development and promotion.