Social Media Tool Feature: SocialAppsHQ

About the tool!

1. Viral Facebook Apps: 28 Facebook apps (Largest Facebook App store on planet) to run various contests and awareness campaigns and increase the virality of your page. Have a look!

2. Social Media Monitoring tool: Listen and monitor data across the social media channels and web- analyze using dynamic sentiment analysis, text analysis and much more

3. Post Planner: Schedule your messages across various social media platforms.

social_appsHQWho founded the product/company?

SocialAppsHQ was founded by Rajat Garg in the year 2011.

Rajat graduated from DCE followed by MS at Stanford University. Later, he worked at Amazon as Product Manager and was responsible for conceptualization and launch of several products like aStore, Amazon data feeds etc. Rajat then worked as General Manager for Real Estate Business unit at a Seattle startup DataSphere. He received a patent at Amazon and grew businesses multifold during his tenures. His interests include biking and flying Cessnas’.

History behind the company: In his previous role at Amazon and DataSphere, Rajat was looking at several SMBs trying to figure out how to leverage new mediums as big companies like Starbucks and Southwest Airlines were. SocialAppsHQ was started to enable a large number of small businesses to leverage new mediums (social or mobile).

What platforms does it cover?

Currently SocialAppsHQ has viral Apps for Facebook and monitoring tool to crawl all social media platforms and web. SocialAppsHQ’s parent company “Shimply Software Pvt. Ltd.” has also launched an android app A/B testing tool ‘Optimimo‘ and NaviGale Android App to help meet new people nearby.

Features of the tool?

Please the the ppt for the same attached below.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

SocialAppsHQ has an inbuilt analysis tool for apps and monitoring products. However, we also support Google Analytics.

Does it give an option to download reports: Yes, you can download all the data in excel files. Graphs and images are to be captured from the screen.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Our sentiment analysis has options for Positive, Neutral and negative comments. We can’t comment on the exact accuracy of sentiment analysis because it is very difficult to analyze sentiments for sarcasm and witty comments (Biggest factor of speech on Twitter). However, we can proudly say that it is at par with other tools in the market.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Can not disclose

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Over 1.3 million companies of all size across the globe have used our product till date. House hold names like Intel, IBM, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, Barista Lavazza, Paypal, Harley Davidson are among our users.

Pricing & Packages

The pricing is quite low and starts from $1.99 for Facebook Apps and $49 for monitoring tool. We also provide 15% discount on half yearly and 33% discount on yearly plans. We have purposefully kept the pricing and margins low so as to fulfill our dream of catering to SMBs.


We are in the process of enabling our customers to run campaigns on mobile, fine tuning sentiment analysis and launching many more interesting products. Currently, we dedicate a large portion of our efforts in R&D, which has lead to release of products like Optimimo and NaviGale.

The Team

We have a team of 15 talented people working hard to take the company to new heights.

Are you hiring?

We are currently looking for a suitable candidate with experience in “Ruby on Rails” and a never say die attitude.