Top 10 Annoying Things Our Friends Do On Facebook

Rahim Musani
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Top 10 Annoying Things Our Friends Do On Facebook

These days, almost everyone is on Facebook, and we all love it. But there are certain things that people do, that make you wonder what you are still doing with a Facebook account. It doesn't matter how much you love your friends, there are times when they post things that irritate you to the extent that you wonder why you're still friends with them.

We bring you the top 10 annoying things that your friends might be doing on Facebook:

1. The Check-in Guy

This guys feels like it's important for the entire world to know about his whereabouts. Though he tailors the requirements to his own, he still makes sure everyone on his friendlist knows every time he went to Starbucks for a coffee. Skeptical African Kid - so you are telling me you went to starbucks again

2. The Gym Freak

He is more interested in letting people know that he works out rather than actually working out. So his cardio sessions include driving to the gym, checking-in on Social Networks and then going out for an apparently 'healthy' meal.

Most intresting guy

3. The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Victim

These people use Photoshop on their pictures more than a graphic designer, and caption them like they're the next Shakespeare. Their captions are mostly like:

You held me in your arms, While you whispered in my ears, Our love was meant to last, Where did it disappear..

GLEE-GQ-Photoshoot-i170995 4. The Human Jukebox

Why watch Vh1 or look for lyrics online when you have a Human Jukebox in your friends list?

I mean, we get it. You like music! I don't want to know what Yellowcard did or who The Cure is.

Wayne D'Mello

5. The Sports commentator

'Ronaldo has the ball and he chips in over De Gea for the perfect strike! That's 1-0 to Real Madrid. #CR7 you beast'

I'm pretty sure you guys are not the only victims of this cruel genre. Sometimes when you are out and can't watch a game, he is your guy but at other times? Stop spamming my timeline bro! Here is what I face on a daily basis: Sports Guy

6. The Loving Mom

We all love the sweet serenity in our mom's voice when they tell us 'I Love You.' It is probably the greatest thing you'll ever hear until.... It's on Facebook. 15 times. On the same post. If this happens to you too, we know how you feel.

Loving mom

8. Facebook-Twitter Integration

Both of these social networks are different from each other and that is exactly how I like them. Facebook-twitter integration Well, if you are one of these guys, here's what I'd like to say to you:

ojmno9. The Procrastinator

Attention Facebook users, this post is to inform you that I have a job and lots of pending work. So instead of doing something about it, or actually doing the work, I'm just going to sit here and gain your sympathy.

With Warm Regards,

Your Annoying Facebook Friend.


10. The unnecessary name-change

I must have missed it when they sent me a memo regarding putting up hideous names on Facebook. Ergo, don't do that.

Caution: Image displayed below may harm your senses and lead you to un-friend the person. Users with short-temperament are requested to turn off their screens right away :P

Daniel Peterson

Are there other irritating things that your friends do, that we may have missed out on? Feel free to let us know of your struggles with them by posting your comments below.

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