Agency Spotlight – Tonic Media – Sony Pix launches Notty Pixy to Engage its Audience

Tonic Media- Sony Pix Launches Notty Pixy

This is part of our Agency Spotlight where we bring forth agencies who are doing kickass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Tonic Media. Tonic Media handles the social media mandate of Sony Pix and has recently launched the Notty Pix campaign on the social media properties of the channel.

Sony PIX, the hollywood movie channel owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, launched a social media campaign review named Notty Pixy with a healthy media mix of photos, videos and text.

Sony pix social media campaign notty pixy tonic media


Notty Pixy was launched by Sony Pix as an ongoing campaign to promote Hollywood gossip. This campaign tends to raise engagement levels on the page and differentiate itself in the segment by promoting a branded property.


Notty Pixy is essentially a female character created specially for the Facebook page. Notty Pixy has a self adorning personality and comes across as a famous Hollywood socialite. She also has naughty connotations underlying her personality. The character is introduced through the Facebook page by running a couple of teaser posts.

Notty Pixy

Followed by these cover images, the channel revealed the new Sony Pix Facebook star who leads the fans to all the hot gossip and the latest happenings of Hollywood in her personal Pixy style.

Noty Pixxy Cover Photo

The page also has posts of various inside stories of stars and the industry.

Sony Pix Facebook PostNotty Pixy Facebook Post

Apart from news from Hollywood, the page has occasional updates on Notty Pixy’s personal life and whereabouts to add a sense of excitement among fans.

Sony Pix Facebook Post

On Twitter, the campaign has been extended and is being executed through tweets. The news breaks through a tweet and is followed by #NottyPixy. The tweets are written as if the character herself is speaking with the followers.

Sony Pix #NottyPixy Tweet

An announcement is made a day prior to when Notty Pixy comes on board to talk to the followers.

Sony Pixy Tweet

Various contests are being run to promote the new character. A hash-tag named #NotyPixysDate has been created just for this character and her promotion. The contest is hosted by the character on the Twitter account of the channel. The latest contest is about #NottyPixysDate where followers were asked to pick a location for her date, what she should wear and what she should eat.

Sony Pix Tweets

Occasionally, like Facebook, naughty tweets are also posted.


The introduction of a character is a great way to build a story and add some excitement to the brand. Brands have used mascots previously like Amul’s chubby Indian girl, Air India’s Maharaja etc. Notty Pixy seems to be an interesting introduction by the channel and is proving extremely successful in terms of engaging with fans and followers.

A unique hashtag on Twitter is created and fans feeling like the character is conversing directly with them adds a feel good factor. She is also portrayed as an attractive lady and since the social media platforms of the channel are male dominant the channel is targeting the right audience.

The creatives are designed very well and the fact that it is branded content creates a recall value and drives more engagement among fans.

Scope for Improvement

The hashtag can also be used on Facebook, since Facebook has launched hashtags too. Brands should leverage Facebook’s hashtag feature in order to increase the scope of reach and virality.

The creatives are not being used on Twitter. Attaching media with a tweet can be more interesting than a plain tweet, especially if it is promoting a character who has a face. Twitter followers can only imagine Notty Pixy in their minds.


Overall, Notty Pixy is a very interesting initiative by Sony Pix and will bring great results if executed consistently.