eCommerce ka Swayamwar: The Most Happening ECommerce Event of the Year

Before you go all raised eyebrows on the name of the event, Zepo, an ecommerce platform, based out of Aamchi Mumbai, is going all traditional this Ganesh Chaturthi! 

This will definitely go down in the books of history as a whacky enough “match made in heaven”! Well, jokes apart, here’s why they are calling their event a Swayamwar.
ecommerce ka swayamwar

Part 1: The Swayamwar

Just like any other Swayamvar, there is a handsome line-up of grooms who are going to try their best to win over the bride! But there is a slight twist and tang to who will choose the best groom.

Who are the Grooms?

5 small home-grown Mumbai brands, will be presenting themselves as the proud suitors. These 5 brands are quirky and unconventional SMBs who make awesome products.

And who is this choice Bride?

‘E-Commerce’ is the bride these grooms will be fighting it out for! The brands, just like the grooms in a traditional Swayamwar, will need to woo and impress the audiences to win.

Who decides the best match?

The audiences will decide the best groom out of the 5 by showering them with flowers to show their appreciation. The 1 brand they choose, will get a free-for-lifetime e-commerce service from Zepo, complete logistics assistance and a free payment gateway!

… and they’ll live happily ever after!

Part 2: Piecing Together the eCommerce Puzzle

Like a puzzle, it takes a lot of pieces put together perfectly, to establish a seamless online presence. And it’s even more difficult to find the right pieces, especially all under one roof.

Which is why Zepo is bringing together the best of speakers from across the eCommerce industry, who’ll guide along the entrepreneurs on how best to piece together their first foray into eCommerce.

So there’ll be some “gyaan” on the following topics:

1. Why you and other small businesses need to be online in today’s day and age?

Because this is going to help you take your brand to the next level. Going online with your brand is going to help you reach across all of India & also tap markets beyond our borders.

2. Logistics:

A good logistics partner means half your job to setup an eCommerce business is done. Learn everything you need to know about pick-up services, negotiating good rates for logistics services and COD facilities.

3. Payment Gateways:

On any online store, online payments = 60% of the total transactions. Learn how to set-up payment gateway in a simple manner and also how to keep the payment gateway costs low, so they don’t eat your profit margins.

4. Social Media Marketing:

It doesn’t stop at creating an online store. You will need to rigorously promote it to juice out sales from this channel. Learn the tricks of the online marketing trade from the best! Be it Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Social Samosa’s team will be there to help you with everything that you would like to know about Social Media and eCommerce!

So, come be a part of the most happening eCommerce event of the year!

Please register yourself for the event well in advance.

The Zepo event, “eCommerce ka Swayamwar” is scheduled for this Sunday i.e. 15th September, 2013 at The Playce, Mulund (W).