Facebook Lets You Add 'Registered To Vote' As A Life Event

Rahim Musani
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Facebook Lets You Add 'Registered To Vote' As A Life Event

With the general elections coming, things are hotting up in the Indian social media ecosystem with all kinds of political discussion and debates. Well, in an attempt to tap into all the buzz around elections, Facebook now lets you add 'Registered To Vote' as a life event.

Now your friends can be a part of your registration process. Let your friends know what an ideal citizen you are.

Ankhi Das, Director, Public Policy, Facebook India said,

It is our core mission to build an open and a connected world. We have seen the power of friends and social sharing helps rally people around causes, build communities and increases participation. The launch of the Register to vote feature for Facebook's Indian users will lead to people sharing status updates and individual stories on voter registration. This will in turn create increased awareness of the voter registration process and influence higher percentage of people to register to vote.


How to add 'Registered to Vote' on your Timeline?

Step 1:

Click on "Life Event" on the compose box present on top of your News Feed.

Step 1


Step 2:

From "Travel & Experiences" choose "Registered to Vote"

Step 2


Step 3:

Add the details and share the Life Event with all your friends.

Rahim Musani

With this update, we can observe that Facebook understands the importance of India as its third largest user base. It wants to tap into the latest happenings in India and this move will definitely boost its presence within India.

Facebook as platform is not as open as Twitter where most of the political discussions take place. So we believe this move could be an attempt to have such discussion on its platform as well.

Moreover, this is a great feature to have as it translates people's offline actions into online engagement activities. It might actually motivate people to register as well when they see their friends sharing such updates.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think many people will add this a life event on Facebook?

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