JustUnfollow – A Friend Management Tool for Twitter

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Who are we?

JustUnfollow was developed and started by Nischal Shetty back in Feb 2010. The three people who made up the initial team were all ex-Burrp.com employees. Currently, we have 8 employees on the JustUnfollow team.

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Whom do we cater to?

Currently, we are catering to Twitter and Instagram users – both businesses and individuals. We have plans to grow to support other social networks too.

What do we offer to our consumers?

JustUnfollow was started as a unfollowing tool – it used to help (and still primarily does) users to find who unfollowed them and unfollow them in turn. Now, JustUnfollow has matured into a friend management tool that can be used to not only find unfollowers, but also find relevant people to follow, inactive users, blacklist and whitelist users and check the relationship between any two Twitter account holders.

What motivated us to start up?

Nischal was an avid Twitter user – he’d been using it right from the beginning. He’d also review Twitter apps on his personal blog. He developed the app to address his own needs of unfollowing and cleaning up his own Twitter account – a need that almost every Twitter user has.

What’s in a name?

The name is pretty self-explanatory as the app was initially started to unfollow unwanted users.

How do we see Social Media?

We believe social media should be used for its primary purpose – socializing. We encourage our users to build relationships, interact and establish a social environment online – hence the need to shift our focus from unfollowing (not a very social activity!) to friend management.

Currently we are….

  • Over 4 million users strong
  • 8 team members
  • We started with just a web app – currently also have Android and iOS apps

Our biggest challenge was..

I had little knowledge about the size of the market that I was building http://justunfollow.com for. This led to the feeling that we may not have enough users willing to use the product let alone pay for it. Only after launching it and persevering with the product have we been able to reach 4 million users and be profitable now.

We want to dominate the world by..

We are now looking to integrate other social networks under the JustUnfollow umbrella and provide a holistic experience wherein users can manage all their accounts from one app.

We’re making moolah by…

We’re based on a freemium model. Basic, unpaid users can have one account and use all features, though there are some limits in place. Paid plans are staggered – the most expensive ones that allow several Twitter and Instagram accounts to be added are generally used by businesses and agencies.

Our What The **** Moment

Immediately after our launch, Nischal had contacted Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, without any expectation of a reply. However, not only did he use the app, he also found a bug in the app and wrote about it on TC. Not our most flattering post, but we got featured and the growth began.

Industry as we foresee

Facebook seems to dominate the Indian social media scene. Twitter will pick up, but I don’t see it becoming an important part of social marketing strategy for smaller brands in India. I see Pinterest becoming more important for social marketing in India, second to Facebook.

Social media is just getting started in India, it’s going to grow at a rapid pace and become more meaningful for businesses as a way to gain more customers and also as a means of customer service.

Lastly, Are you hiring?

Yes! We are currently looking for digital marketers and android and java developers.