Social Media Agency Feature: Digital Guru – A Digital Media and Entertainment Company

Who are we?

Digital Guru is a team composed of hardcore brand and technological specialists bringing consumer insights, brand relevance and new age tools to create a real life digital experience.

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Our work reflects experimental ideas and creative thoughts that engage and create brand intimacy, digitally. Brand Management, Strategic Management, Advertising & Brand Promotion Execution make us a Comprehensive Branding Solutions team.

Digital Guru is a company listed under Guru Media & Entertainment LLP, and our sister concerns include:

Communication Guru: Partnering with clients and empowering brands to build enduring and persuasive communication. In short, we sell great ideas, and in any area too.

Start Guru: Made for the budding entrepreneur, Start Guru assists new businesses in setting up basic communication requirements, while providing the direction and advice every newbie needs.

What’s in the name?

We provide leader expertise in DIGITAL. Sorry! No excessive use of jargons or the usual BS. Our focus is to deliver our promise – DIGITAL FOR REAL LIFE.

What we do?

Digital Marketing: Strategy and Planning to the Final Product. Creation of a digital brand communication strategy to help brands understand their Business Objectives; define measurable goals, conceptualize ideas that will work on the digital space, and complete end-to-end production (creative & technology).

Social Media Marketing: Specializing in community management, Facebook Marketing, social media management of Twitter and YouTube, SMO and blogger outreach.

Creative Communications: Creating digital campaigns, product launch campaigns, innovations across web and devices, and banner ads.

Web Content: SEO-friendly blogs & articles, e-mailers, or more contemporary multi-media formats including web videos and demos, podcasts, and infographs.

Online Advertising and Media Planning: Media planning, buying, and creative services to meet business needs, including cost per lead campaigns, CPC/CPM campaigns, and production of rich media banner ads, search ads, Facebook ads and innovation.

Production: Web and Mobile Marketing: Websites, branded destinations, microsites, social media applications using 3rd party APIs, mobile sites and applications. We encourage solutions leveraging mobile, SMS, IVR, and use of devices at Point of Sales – iPads & kiosks.

Digital Analytics: Measuring and analyzing campaign performance down to the last number through reputed industry standard trackers and listening tools to gauge the brand’s performance online.

Why we do it?

Money. And Fame. (Our secret formula is detailed below)

Good work = Good Clients = Great retainers. Period.

How we evolve?

Our intranet has posts flying internally so we can be abreast of all that is out there. And everyone is equally responsible to share. Needless to say, we also post fun stuff in between!

We are active on relevant forums and rub shoulders with the other learners in the market. And some of us… actually do it over a cuppa. Though that is not mandatory.

Social responsibility in social media

One can’t really control the social ranting syndrome. But we wholeheartedly encourage our brands to address the ranting one on one, with a little bit of discretion.

Responsibility is about being more transparent, and about the speed at which it is addressed.

Need of the hour

  • Protection of creative assets.
  • Laws to increase the authenticity and dependability of social media as a serious marketing tool.
  • Strict laws to curb cyber bullying.

We learned the hard way

  • Less is always more. The simple and easier an event is to participate in, the more the impact.
  • Indian audiences are still shy when it comes to uploading their own videos for campaign participation.
  • Educating clients on the actual value of Social Media.

Did we just share that?

You mean sharing the hairy Chinese Stockings post?! Social Media can never cease to amuse us!

They work with us

Our partners

INDIA – ITP, Indiva, Blockbuster, Modern Mafia, PollyTalks, United State of Happiness, etc.

Industry as we foresee

  • Mobile marketing and activations will increase.
  • A major part of promotional drives will happen on social media.
  • Social participation will become a reward factor for both consumer and brand rewards.

A day without Internet

Awkward silences, maybe. A lot of cursing, definitely.

Lastly, are you hiring ?

Content Writer and Digital Buyer