Social Media Agency Feature: I Knowledge Factory Private Limited, a Brandvertising Company

social media agency IKF LOGO

Who are we?

We are I Knowledge Factory Private Limited, a Brandvertising (Branding + Advertising) company in Pune, running since 2000 and we also have an offshore presence in Adelaide, Australia.

We propose a unique model of ‘Communication Co-creator’. It is a business strategy that emphasizes on greater realization of the relationship between brands with their customers.

social media agency IKF LOGO

Our mission is to get businesses BIG. We serve with digital ideas and solutions, and IKF has over 70 rangers who are tech geeks, designers, Smarketers (Smart Marketers), story-makers, trendsetters and innovators dedicated to creating incredible and beyond imagination pieces of art and the team brimming with creativity, is ready to break, bend and surpass rules and co-create new ones in the process.

We have some of the best brand led activities in the country and globe.

Want to know more about us:

What’s in a name?

We call ourselves a Knowledge Factory because our Digital Marketing solutions are first researched by experts, tried and tested by many, and are then known for exemplary results.

What we do?

  • Website Design and Development
  • Application Development (All Mobile Apps)
  • Digital Marketing (SEO + PPC + SMM + Email Campaign)
  • Creative Designing (Creative Portfolio + Corporate Identity + Brochures)
  • Online Reputation Management and E-Business Strategy
  • Lead Generation

We believe in providing the best marketing tool, tailor-made for every client whom we cater to.

Why we do it?

In early 2000, we started with the idea of bringing the industries online and matching the pace with the world on the other side (western countries).

As the technological era evolved with time, we focused ourselves strongly on the idea of positioning brands digitally, so that our clients have a more competitive edge in the market/industry.

How we evolve?

With the Internet making a huge impact, distances have become shorter and the world smaller.

Over the past decade, the idea has evolved every day. With the changing scenario, we have made ourselves stronger and younger in terms of the technology that we cater to our clients.

We take Digital Marketing as a marketing solution for all the industries.

Social responsibility in social media

IKF adheres to IT laws very strictly and makes sure that any creative piece used for the social media platforms is ethical.

Need of the hour

To understand the importance of Digital Platform to make an effort for branding things online.

Creating digital brand guidelines and connecting all Digital Platforms for better user experience for brand WOW factor.

We learned the hard way

The journey of consumer on the digital platform and user touch point for better experience.

Did we just share that?

Partying with clients on their success stories with IKF being a part of their growth journey.

They work with us

Kirloskar Group companies, Symbiosis College, Vega Helmet, SkinCity India, Kunal Group, Swipe Telecom

Industry as we foresee

It’s in a phase of consumer driven activity with a much better, smarter user experience.

A day without Internet

A day without internet, Ohh!! Let me look it up on the internet for your answer.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Right now we are hunting chaps for the following positions:

  • Graphic Designer (2 positions)
  • Search Engine Optimizer (1 position)
  • Social Media Executive (1 position)