Social Media Campaign Review: Cadbury Celebrations’ Creates Brilliant Content for #SongsforSisters

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters facebook cover photo

In its journey to replace traditional gifts with branded chocolates for celebrations, Cadbury has appropriated Rakhi, like it has done with other festivals and spirit of festivity associated with it. In the urban centers, none of the gifts or celebration is complete without a gift of chocolate. Each year, around  Rakhi, the chocolate company tries to itch a stronger impression not only through the sole act of introducing new range of chocolates or new packaging deigns, but also (rather primarily) through the marketing messages it relays. Cadbury being on the forefront of creating interesting campaigns to keep brothers and sisters interested in its product range had repeated this trend by launching Songs for Sisters campaign, which I am going to review in this article.


For quite some time now, Cadbury has been trying to place itself in the context of a relationship, as a brand to be shared when one is happy or sad, or when one has to say sorry or thank you, or when one has to propose or convey emotion. Recently, the brand was riding on Rakhi to build a top-of-mind recall and ultimately influence consumption.

With the launch of its new TVC and campaign ‘Made with Love’, the brand expressed the special feeling generated when given a gift made with love. Songs For Sisters is was an attempt in that direction. Cadbury had aligned its digital marketing with its overall marketing strategy. The campaign conveyed an expression of feeling special owing to the fact that a song was being made lovingly.


The chocolate brand had created a separate twitter handle (@IndiaCelebrates) and a hashtag (#SongsForSisters) along with a couple of promotional videos to promote the campaign run on the brand’s Facebook page under a tab designed for the purpose (see the image below).

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters

The participants were expected to write a message on the promotion tab, which was then turned into a song, an example of which can be seen below.

Cadbury Celebrations had selected about 45 best messages and made songs with those messages. These songs were made by some of country’s best artist like Spud in the box, Something Relevant and The Siddharth Basrur Project.


Cadbury Celebrations has effectively captured the right emotion with its social media campaign.

It gave heed and responded to user stories. Triggering such emotions online certainly inspires people’s actions offline.

The campaign had used the big three social platforms to run the campaign and disseminate the message. Along with Facebook posts and tweets (which you can see in the following two images), the brand had also used YouTube and Twitter for the campaign.

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters facebook post

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters tweet

The promotion tab had been nicely designed reflecting the festive mood of Rakhi, which was also reflected in the cover image that it had created (see the image below). One thing that stood out is the way Cadbury Celebrations had brought the ongoing activities of all three social platforms together.

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters facebook cover photo

The design of the contest was decent, and even the responses were quite favorable, as you can see it in the Facebook comments and tweets (see the below images).

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters facebook comments

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters tweets

It had used Twitter well to bring more and more people to Facebook where they can participate in the contest. Cadbury celebrations had reached out to a large audience thanks to right set of online influencers who have been tweeting about this winning campaign!

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters tweet1

cadbury celebrations songs for sisters tweets1

While the campaign was going on, one participant came up with a song that he had composed for his sister after he left her and moved to Mumbai. The team at Cadbury got in touch with him and invited him to the studio to record and shoot the song for #SongsForSisters. Now that is taking ‘celebrations’ to an altogether new level by giving it life.

Commenting on this campaign, Shekhar Banerjee, SVP – Madison Media Pinnacle said,

“So how often have you seen a brother liking, commenting or tagging his sister on their social space? Now here is a 360degree digital campaign that not only made brothers to actively share & express but also inspire millions of passive viewers to celebrate this Rakhi with Cadbury Celebrations.


The campaign not only leveraged the strengths of real-time, personalized social media but also leveraged the mass reach of video content through YouTube. As a strategy we focused on the organic & contextual relevance of Rakhi across digital landscape, a key reason why in such a sort window we could get lacs of views on each Song for Sister.


Scope for Improvement

The campaign had been nicely executed. I think there is very little that the brand needed to do different, but still I think it should have used SoundCloud, YouTube of audio files, to expand its reach disseminate the message further.


Emotional engagement is the key to Social Media success and Cadbury Celebrations got it right!

Creating songs out of messages left by brothers for their sisters, in response to the Songs for Sisters campaign, not only created an immediate ripple among people, but also had a lasting effect as the promotion helped the brand place itself midst human relationships and celebrations thereof.