Social Media Campaign Review: Videocond2h Engage Audience with The Asli Picture

videocon d2h the asli picture

After all the action during the IPL, during which electronics major Videocon brought you the ‘Predict-O-Meter’ contest on Facebook, Videocond2h is back on Facebook with its Videocon Asli Picture App.

If you are a Bollywood fan who loves Bollywood trivia, then this contest is definitely for you.

Videocond2h asli pictureObjective

Spread over a period of a month starting mid July to early September 2013, this contest aims at further bolstering the Videocond2h service on social media. Its tag line ‘Demand2have the Asli Picture’ is aimed at positioning the brand as “the” digital DTH service which guarantees good picture quality. It hinges on the popularity of Bollywood trivia among its target audience and Abhishek Bachchan features in all the promotional material in this regard.

Videocon d2h the asli picture Execution

You have to like the Videocond2h page on Facebook in order to use the app, following which you need to register by submitting a valid email id and phone number. The contest is spread over 8 levels and is now inching towards its crescendo on 8th September 2013. Here is a look at the levels and what they entail.

Videoncon d2h the asli picture Each level of the contest, with a total of 10 questions related to Bollywood and 5 images of celebrities, allow you to score points. Another way to earn points is to challenge your friends on Facebook. The points system has been explained in detail in the Terms & Conditions.

The tabs – Home, How to play and My Score are self-explanatory. My Score displays your points at each level; a minimum score of 350 qualifies you for the next level. Even if your answers are incorrect, you can make up for it by inviting and challenging your friends. 5 extra points for each challenge accepted by your friends is a bonus.


The Asli Picture message rings loud and clear through this campaign as the focus is on celluloid magic and the contestants’ knowledge about Bollywood. Having spread the contest over nearly two months, Videocond2h has tried to engage audiences over a longer period of time.

Hosted on a Facebook app, the contest is open to fans only, so you have to ‘Like’ it to see the Asli Picture. You need to register with your email id and contact number at the very beginning.

The app is well designed and navigation is smooth.

You can keep track of your scores too which keeps contestants motivated and in sync with what is happening with the contest while also maintaining transparency.

Weekly top scorers win celebrity autographed HD Digital Set top boxes and the grand prize winner takes home the designer luxury suit sported by brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan during the promotion of Videocon d2h!

Videocond2h asli picture score boardScope for Improvement

Two months and eight levels might be a tad bit too long to expect people to stay interested in the contest. In times when attention spans are shrinking, apps and contests that are quick might be preferred over long drawn ones.

When an app asks for a phone number to register, it can be a bit of a turn off for people. Few are comfortable giving out their numbers on social media platforms.

Could the final prize have been something more in line with the product itself rather than Abhishek’s attire in the Videocond2h advertisements?


The Videocond2h Asli picture app sets out to establish Videocond2h as the service provider through whom you gain access to high quality images. With respect to that, the campaign is in line with the brand’s overall strategy of positioning itself as a premium DTH service provider. However, too many levels over a period of two months just to win Abhishek’s attire might not be motivating enough for the audience.


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