Social media and Education – Ask the Experts in AglaSem EduCon 2013

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the questions is HOW WELL WE DO IT.

The ability to connect directly with anyone and everyone online has changed the game for most players in the field of marketing and businesses. The days of social media being seen as just another fad are over. Still a number of people, maybe you too, see it as a “fun activity” with scope of marketing and campaigning. Really, you are wrong. Look around and soak in the “beyond fun thing” aspect of the world of tweets and statuses and connects. In its entirety, social media is a massive tool that lets its user seek out knowledge and act as a great catalyst for Education. Did I get your attention now?

In the era of technology being in the hands of every Tom, Dick and Harry, it is imperative that how they use it moulds them to a large extent. There is a growing number of kids using smartphones, tablets, computers, and accessing internet more than an average adult. Not delving into numbers, we can safely assume, each urban household has one PC and phone at least and the kid of the house uses it.

With internet comes social media, and despite the age limits set, even young children of 12-13 years have their own profiles in these networks. Growing up in the world of social media has begun. By the time a child attains the age of immersing his grey cells in education, he is already a part of at least three social media websites. Let me tell how social media plays a positive role in education.

1. You ask, you get – Everything is just a click away. In the wide ocean of fun activities, also floats the knowledge pool which a student can access anytime, anywhere. For free.

2. One to many connects – Whether you have a large social circle in real life or not does not matter. Whether your school teachers or coaching classes are good or not does not matter. When in need, simply click and connect with some of the greatest educationists and academicians online and seek guidance. Ask and get answers.

3. No time limits – Classes, books taken from library, school, college; each has its own time limit. With the tool of social media, you can access everything anytime. Even in the middle of the night or before the first bird has left his nest.

4. Introverts get a chance to speak up – Remember being the shy kid in class who had a trillion questions shooting around in his head but could never gather the courage to speak them out? Well from behind the screen, shyness can fly out the window and you can express and be heard and answered.

5. Bridging the gap between industry demands and classroom education – Though it is being listed last, but is most important. India is a young country with a large population in the “getting educated” category. When these students get out to get a job, they are hugely disappointed to learn that the company needs nothing of their algebra skills. Social media, through the updates and help of other individuals helps them understand what the job industry wants and help the individual groom accordingly.

Now that we have illustrated the boons of social media in education, we cannot turn a blind eye on the banes. In brief they can be mentioned as

  • Excessive wastage of time
  • Sharing too much personal info and landing oneself into trouble
  • Connecting with “unwanted” individuals

And so on.

Education in India is facing a dozen burning issues, each is intricately connected to how the youth, the children look at education and getting educated. To answer these problems and take active measures is the solution; thus AglaSem EduCon 2013.

AglaSem EduCon 2013


AGLASEM EDUCON 2013 marks a crucial turn around to address the burning issues of education in India. what sets it apart from any other education conference is how it will address the root causes by using the biggest tools of this decade. A simple three step process has been charted out as follows

Step 1 – Bring together the best minds of the country including academicians, technologists, scientists, researchers and education organization representatives; and the young ones in the field like students, new entrepreneurs and everyone who is a part of the education system, including YOU. The platform set for active discussion, debate and deliberation would lead to conclusive ideas regarding what to do next to tackle these issues. This will be done via Panel discussion, audience interaction.

Step 2 – Guidance and resource providing to the newcomers who will change the face of education and technology via their ideas and hard work with the correct mentoring by established entities. B Plan competition on hand would encourage and provide a boost to the young entrepreneurs, while Research Paper presentation would help the keen minds, young scientists in making to move ahead.

Step 3 – Recognize those who have set milestones in education and innovations in learning. EduCon Awards seek to honour those education organizations that have done something exemplary, outstanding and awe inspiring.

Come, be a part of the revolution.

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world .

 With a view and aspiration to achieve the pinnacle of Education in India, EduCon 2013 is being organized by AglaSem to act as a forum to the educationalists, academicians, associated professionals, researchers, and students to deliberate on technologies, use, implementation and regulatory issues in Indian elementary, secondary and higher education system.


  • Panel Discussion
  • EduCon Awards Presentation
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Research Paper Presentation
  • Exhibitions

Who can attend

Students, Academicians, Technologists, Innovators, Educationalists, Entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to participate in active discussion and debate or the competitions wherein some of the best minds of the country in the field of education and technology would be present.

For more details, please see

Contact: [email protected] / +91 987 189 1385