7 Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

twitter keyboard shortcuts

There are times when one does not have a choice besides logging on to Twitter.com to send tweets, read them, retweet them, etc. and then one realizes how much one misses the comfort of tweeting from the small screen of one’s mobile devices.

Well, I may not be able to help you ease that longing, but through this article, I can help you ease the pain of surfing or participating in the Twitter universe from its website. I hope these Twitter keyboard shortcuts, that I am going to discuss here today will be very helpful in that regard.

N for New Tweet

If you are on Twitter.com and want to post a new tweet, simply enter N and a new tweet window like the one you see below will pop-up.

Twitter Keyboard Shortcut - New Tweet window

J for next tweet and K for previous

If you are on the website to read tweets, and want to scan each tweet, you can press J on your keyboard to go to the next tweet and K to go to the previous tweet. The tweet you are currently on will have a blue bounding box around it. You can see in the image below how a blue bounding box has appeared in the second tweet by guardian.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts

B for Block, U for unblock and F for Favourite

When going through your Twitter stream, if you find something that is offensive to you, you can simply press B on your keyboard to block the user, but if you have accidentally blocked someone, you can press U on the keyboard to unblock the user, and if you want to add the tweet to your favourite, you can simply press F on the keyboard.

The active tweet will be added to your favourite (see the following image). You can toggle between adding a tweet to your favourite and removing it from favourites by pressing F again.

Keyboard shortcuts on twitter

/ for search, and  . to load new tweets

Twitter search is an important feature. A lot of people search Twitter for many things. The quickest way to go to the search box is to press the / key on your keyboard which is alongside . (period key) that loads new tweets to your timeline.

Enter to open and L to close all tweets

When you press enter on a selected tweet, Twitter will open the tweet for you, and if you want to close it, press L on the keyboard, which is a shortcut to close all tweets.

R for Reply, T for Retweet, and M for Direct message

If you are on a tweet and you want to reply to the person, simply press R on the keyboard, and to retweet the tweet you are reading, press T on the keyboard, and pressing M on the keyboard will take you to a new direct message window.

GH for home, GL for list, GF for favourite, and GM for direct messages

Let’s say you are in a list that you have created by pressing GL, and you want to get back to the homepage, you just need to press GH. And, in case, you want to go to the list of direct messages, press GM. And when you press F on the keyboard you will be taken to the list of your favourite tweets.

So these are some of the keyboard shortcuts that will make surfing Twitter.com much easier for you, but in case you want a full list of shortcuts simply press ? on the keyboard and list of all shortcuts that you can use on Twitter will pop up in the Twitter window.