[Video Interview] Harshil Karia On Client Agency Relationship

The key thing that is required for a good client-agency relationship is Communication. In this video, Harshil Karia, Co-founder and Online Strategist at Foxymoron, talks about the dynamics between a client and the agency, ways in which a healthy relationship can be maintained.

A lot of planning is required before either party signs on the dotted line. The agency focuses on what work needs to be done in every quarter, assigning a team to work with the brand to complete each aspect of the work. Once the agreement is signed, the agencies take a deep dive into the annual strategy and figure out what needs to be done next.

We asked Harshil which was more difficult, finding a client or retaining them? Harshil conveyed that retaining a client can be tricky. However, an agency should always place itself in the role of a partner rather than the clients advertising agency. Proximity is important, but creating a good relationship is vital. He goes on to tell us about a client in Delhi, who had to be let go because of  a communication gap and elucidates further on how communication can refine ideas.

Featured Image by: buddawiggi