[Infographic] Creative Specs for Facebook Ads as Recommended by Facebook

Facebook logo

Today, marketers are trying to drive maximum sales with a strong brand presence on Facebook. Facebook has become the most sought after platform when it comes to integrating an offline business to social media.

Facebook has been undergoing various innovations, to be able to create the right advertising platform for companies. It provides a diverse range of parameters to all brands in order to meet the desired audience.

Every business on Facebook is trying to convey a message to their customers through conversations. In order to reach the right audience, it is important to create a focused and targeted ad that will further connect with them. This following infographic represents the creative specifications required to run the different types of Facebook ads:

  • Page post photo ad
  • Page post text ad
  • Page post video ad
  • Page post link ad
  • Offer ad
  • Event ad
  • Page like ad
  • Mobile app ad
  • App ad
  • Domain ad