Social Media Campaign review: How Skoda Created a Video Rendition of an Audio Idea to Promote its Variants

Social Media Campaign Skoda Rapid Leisure Radio Campaign

What does an auto company do when it wants to stand out in the crowd?  It goes all out to promote its offerings, offers discounts, or hosts a contest that drives footfalls to showrooms.  Yes, those are all options worth exploring, but a bit too predictable. The Skoda Rapid Leisure’s digital campaign decided to go through an unconventional route, and that is why it stands out. It highlights the rear view parking camera feature in the car through monochrome animated films, which is different, but also highlights the special feature you will find in the Skoda Rapid Leisure.


To create a radio campaign for the rear view parking feature in the Rapid Leisure.


Skoda has rolled out two online films for its ‘Leisure’ variant of the Skoda Rapid.

Created by BBH India, the two animated online films are based on a radio campaign that the agency had worked on for the launch of this variant, and focus very clearly on the rear view parking camera feature in the car.

A film titled ‘Grandma’ tells the story of a man reversing his car while on the phone, bumping into an old lady and getting into trouble. The film ends with the voice over saying, “What’s behind you, often changes what lies ahead”, drawing attention to the rear view camera parking feature.

Another film titled ‘Hydrant’ shows a man getting into trouble while reversing his car again, but this time by hitting a hydrant. The hydrant causes all kinds of agitation for the man before the voiceover delivers the brand’s message.


The idea was to create a radio campaign for the rear view parking feature in the Rapid Leisure. The next step was to share these radio spots online and that was where the video content came in.  In this way the digital campaign moved from audio to audio visual, bringing the brand message to life.

Using the magic of monochromatic videos in times when everyone thinks color makes all the difference, is another positive point. This, and the unique brand message are probably what have got people talking about the campaign.

The campaign has received international coverage, which is proof of the fact that the campaign has made people sit up and take notice. The magic of the campaign lies in its simple presentation, highlighting the importance of a particular feature of the Rapid Leisure and how it makes all the difference.

Scope for Improvement

While the campaign is unique and creative in its approach, it lacks some online integration with Facebook and Twitter.


“A genuine idea should cut across languages, cultures and media as well”– that is the belief of BBH India who came up with this campaign. Skoda too, with this video rendition of an audio idea, has partnered with them to create a digital campaign that is creative, exciting and different.