Social Media Campaign Review: Center Fresh Strengthens its Brand Positioning with ‘Gum Charades’

Centre Fresh Zubban pe Lagaam

The 1996 World Cup ushered in the liquid-filled chewing gum into the hearts of the people, and cemented its place as the undisputed favourite of all age groups. Center Fresh has held the fancy of Indian consumers since then, and its communication efforts have helped the brand retain a top-of-mind recall in its category.

Following the lead of successful campaigns that gave birth to the advertising tagline “Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam,” and its related positioning, Center Fresh has created a social media campaign to engage its audience. The goal of this article is to review this very effort of the chewing gum brand.


Along with successfully engaging its audience in social media, the objective of this campaign appears to strengthen its brand positioning, since both the goals are worthy of investment.


Inspired by the popular movie guessing game, Center Fresh has created a microsite as well a Facebook app to engage its audience, wherein clues are given by 3 sexy models through videos. The participants need to read the signs and symbols enacted by the models and guess the answer, which they need to type in the reply box right below the video and hit Enter.

This will bring about the result, through the videos. The posts have been promoted through the cover image as well as posts on the brand’s Facebook wall.

Center Fresh Gum Charades on Facebook

Center Fresh Gum Charades

CenterFresh Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam Gum Charades on Facebook


The campaign is an extension of ‘Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam’ proposition and it is in sync with the brand’s offline campaigns. They have very nicely customized the game for the digital platform. It is being promoted on the Center Fresh Facebook page and through their Twitter handle, @centerfreshin and YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, the brand has tied up with TV channels like 9XM, Channel V, M Tunes and Zoom to promote the campaign.

The contest design is nice, with visual elements nicely in place. The expressions on the models’ faces (particularly the one named Disha, not sure if that is the real name) are alive and vibrant.

The music and the content used are both apt for the purpose, with extremely attractive prizes offered. The game carries the brand positioning furthered by its “Zubaan Pe Rakhe Lagaam” line. There is a lot of potential to extend this positioning in many directions, of which one has been nicely explored by this campaign.

Scope for Improvement

Even if we discount the acting ability of the models in some of the videos, many of the signs displayed as clues are confusing. The game has been nicely designed, and so is the interactivity seeded in it, and if the clues were tested for clarity, it would have engaged the participants to a much deeper level.

For a game whose goal is to engage the audience, it was a bit of complicated. Generally speaking, making a game a little difficult does take a lot of participants away, so one should maintain a fine balance between testing the intelligence and making the game engaging.


The overall idea of the contest is compelling, and its execution has been decent. The brand should tighten the loose corners and make the game a little more engaging.