Social Media Campaign Review: Videocond2h Warms Up Cricketing Action with Flip-a-Ton Contest

Mariam Noronha
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Videocon d2h Flip-A-Ton

For those of you who just can't get enough of cricket, the Videocond2h Flip a Ton contest is here. After its successful Predict-O-Meter’ contest on Facebook in May this year, Videocond2h has once again chosen to run a contest cricket based.


As official sponsors of the Mumbai Indians team, Videocond2h takes its cricket based campaigns and contests another step further with the Flip a Ton contest.  As cricketing action warms up a little, Videocond2h seeks to cash in with this contest.


The contest is hosted on a dedicated Facebook app, and participants have to flip the page of the uploaded Videocon Cricket Book. With every flip, runs are added based on the last digit of the right side page number.

Videocon d2h Flip-A-ton App

Videocon d2h Flip-A-Ton Facebook app

How to Play?

  1. Participants have to allow the Flip-a-Ton application to access their basic Facebook information i.e. Name, Email ID, City and Contact Number.
  2. By doing so, Participants agree to the Terms and Conditions for the contest.
  3. Once you have given the application the required permission, you are redirected to the landing page where you can start playing.
  4. Now keep flipping pages and building your score.

The contest has weekly prizes like an Original Adidas Mumbai Indians Autographed Jersey on offer.


Videocon d2h, a leading DTH service provider in India has been using social media campaigns to promote and position its products, like the Digital Set Top Box, HD Digital Set Top Box and HD Digital Video Recorder. The contest is in keeping with Videocond2h’s concerted efforts to stay in the limelight whenever there is some cricketing action happening in India. This time the contest gives people the opportunity to play and build a score for themselves.

Through the campaign they are showcasing their features in a fun game (for eg. 1000GB memory HD video recorder, 41 music channels).  You can challenge your friends to play this game, and that’s where the scope to create some more buzz lies.

The Videocond2h Facebook page and Twitter profile both feature the app as well as updates about the contest on both platforms.

Scope for Improvement

Some offline support for the campaign might have been effective. The contest is too simple and doesn't really excite much. The off putting aspect is that the app asks for access to a participant’s basic Facebook information i.e. Name, Email ID, City and Contact Number, which can be a deterrent to people who don't want their privacy encroached upon.


The contest is in line with the brand’s overall strategy, but lacks creativity and innovation.

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