Social Media Case Study: Amway India Became the #1 Indian Brand for Page-Post Engagement

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Amway India

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Amway India

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  • To attract a large fan database.
  • To interact and create an effective relationship with the ‘young’ fans.
  • To create brand awareness and spread Amway’s core values on Facebook.
  • To identify and reward the online brand ambassadors.


KRDS created Amway India’s Facebook Page from scratch and started:

  • Posting on behalf of the American multinational company on Facebook two or three times a day.
  • Interacting with fans through messages, timeline posts, and quiz polls.
  • Developing tabs such as Welcome, Community Guidelines and various other applications.
  • Moderating the comments received on an hourly basis.
  • Supervising the page’s Crisis Management.


Amway India’s community grew from 0 to over 30,000 fans in just 3 months, without any media purchase.

Very quickly, Amway India’s Facebook publications began to generate very high engagement rates and extremely positive feedback.

  • Some posts received over:

10 million of social impressions were generated in the users’ newsfeed between June and August!

4 million out of these social impressions have been generated by the posts' virality.

In June 2013, the provider of media analytics Socialbakers ranked  Amway India as the number one Indian brand for page-post engagement on Facebook among 200 other brands that were part of the survey.

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