Social Media Tool Feature: FBPay – A Tool to Connect Facebook Events to Online Payments

Social Media Tool FBPay

About the tool!

FBPay connects Facebook events to online payments. Event organizers login to FBPay and it automatically syncs with their Facebook accounts to fetch all events associated to the user. In under a minute they can power up the event with payment collections (in the form of tickets, donations, or a set price) as well as other features like data collection and a payment shortlink. The event is automatically updated and the payment page is constantly in sync with the information presented on the FB event, allowing organizers to easily manage their event from one place, without having to contact any agents or support.

Social Media Tool FBPay

Organizers have live access to their buyers’ data and can see real time stats through the FBPay dashboard. They can also change details on the fly (like ticket quantity or event details) with just a few mouse clicks. The best part is that all of this is completely free as charges are only applied per transaction and can either be levied to the buyer or absorbed by the seller.

Who founded the product/company?

The co-founders are Dhruv Mathur and Rohit Kabra, former Deloitte consultants in the US and graduates of Carnegie Mellon University. Dhruv had left Deloitte in 2011 to return to Delhi (his hometown) and explore opportunities in India. He realized how difficult and often intimidating it was for someone to collect money online. In Dec 2012 he called Rohit who had also recently quit Deloitte and was travelling in Australia to come to India and help build something that could potentially be game changing in India. Rohit booked a one way flight and 9 months later here they are!

What platforms does it cover?

FBPay is a stand alone site that utilizes Facebook apps for login and data integration.

Features of the tool

Facebook Events Integration – Users only needs to login (via FB) for FBPay to sync their FB events. The user can then build on top of each event, enabling payments.

Fully Self Service – Everything on FBPay can be done without a single call.

Secure – We are PCI Compliant and utilize the trusted gateway services of PayU India.

Transparency of Data – FBPay always gives organizers full access to their customer’s data at no extra charge (and we always will!).

Real Time Stats and Edits – Sellers are notified of every purchase and at any time can see a snapshot of sales on the FBPay dashboard. They can also change details of the event on the fly.

Advanced FB Sharing – We are constantly building this feature but currently have great looking and quick sharing options from anywhere on FBPay (whether it’s the buyer or the seller posting).

Multiple Payment Types – Users can collect money in the form of tickets, open contributions or a simple one click single price.

Social Media Tool FBPay Social Media Tool FBPay Buy Page Social Media Tool FBPay Dashboard Social Media Tool FBPay Setup

What analytics support does the tool provide?

Real Time customer data, viewable on the dashboard and downloadable at any time as a CSV file. Snapshot of sales at a total revenues, total sales and total customers view.

We also provide page view analytics and customer conversion reports on client request, in the process of building features to view these online as well.

Does it give an option to download reports

Download a CSV of all sales data at any time.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Currently there is no option of automatic sentiment analysis.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Our target audience is primarily small to medium sized sellers and organizers (20-200 person events). So many blogs, cafes and interest groups primarily in  Delhi area currently use the product. However larger scale corporate events will be additional features on the site by the end of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot give names at this time.

Pricing & Packages

Flat 5% per transaction cost that can be levied to the customer or absorbed by the seller.


We have no interest of becoming an event management platform like Explara or Bookmyshow. FBPay’s goal is to empower those who wish to create with the ability to collect. Whether they be event organizers, local retailers, charities or friend’s trying to organize a trip. The trouble of payment should be a thing of the past.

The Team

Founders – Dhruv Mathur and Rohit Kabra. Product guys at heart but savvy hustlers who have worked together in various forms for the past 8 years through college, corporate offices and the silliness of life.

Anindya Roy – Infrastructure Guru Ninja. Anindya was one of the brains behind the original FBPay concept and ensures, via his decade plus skills in the industry, that FBPay will never go down ever. He’s the man.

Varun Rai – Lead Development, Java and PHP killer. Varun is a cowboy who builds first and fast and thinks later. We can move faster than most and live leaner thanks to Varun leading ahead.

Sid Saxena – Lead Front End Development. The big man of CSS. Efficiency is the key and Sid is constantly working on not just making this work but showing off elegance, even on IE.

Are you hiring?

Yup – passionate driven independent people hungry to disrupt e-commerce in India by truly helping people.