[Video Walkthrough] How to Install Facebook Comments Box on Your WordPress Blog

facebook comments box

A Facebook comment box on your WordPress blog lends a social context and a sense of uniqueness to your post. This plugin makes it very convenient to comment on content through individual social profiles, besides being very easy to share, provided the user checks in the box that approves the posting to his/her wall.

This video offers a step by step tutorial teaching you how to place a Facebook comment box on your blog. Amateur bloggers as well as business bloggers can achieve a great deal of exposure for their content considering how convenient it is to share. Usually, commenting is seen as a laborious process, but with a Facebook comment box users willingly comment on your posts.

Facebook comments appear on the user’s timeline, which in turn exposes your content to a potential million users using the social network. If friends from Facebook find the conversation interesting, they tend to join in, making the content visible to different cliques of friends.

Regardless of where the comment was posted, threads remain synchronized across Facebook, as well as on the blog. Was it easy to follow? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such insightful videos.