[Video Walkthrough] Basics of Setting up Your Linkedin Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Linkedin recently announced an exciting advertising option for brands on its platform, and they are calling it Sponsored Updates. As the name suggests, these updates will allow you to promote your message to others outside your company page. Companies can set targets as to who will be able to view their message, thereby capitalizing on marketing efforts efficiently.

After Facebook ads and Twitter’s promoted accounts and tweets, this, for Linkedin, is a step towards monetization from among millions of users. Linkedin works on the ‘Set your Budget’ model, making it approachable to small businesses as well.

In this video, we talk about the basics of setting up your Linkedin Sponsored Updates.

Once you post your update to the company page, you will be able to see the Sponsor update button. Setting up a campaign is made easy by Linkedin. After creating a sponsored update, Linkedin also offers an insight into measuring how well your campaign is doing by flashing figures under Interactions, followers acquired, and engagement.

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