[Infographic] How to Spot an Instagram Junkie

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Instagram is a community where you can capture and share your important moments simply and beautifully. After making the photo-blog trend a hit, it recently came up with a video-sharing feature to further boost its success.

Instagram has become immensely popular among people after its acquisition by Facebook. The Instagram craze has hit users in full force and has rapidly turned into an app which is difficult to ignore.

The app enables you to alter the photos you take with your phone by adding digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. To a non-Instagrammer, it seems like just another fad, but only an Instagram user can understand its popularity.

Here is a guide on how to recognize the obvious signs of a die-hard Instagram devotee:

[Infographic] How to spot an Instagram Junkie


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