[Interview] A Look Into The Social Media Life of Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

In the last couple of years, a lot of sportspersons have adopted social media as a means to communicate with their fans and followers. From cricket to badminton to tennis, sportstars from every arena are now on social media; happily sharing interesting updates from their lives, just like we do. But the lives that we lead, both online and offline, is much different than what the sportstars do.

In this context, we take a look at the social media life of our leading woman tennis player, Sania Mirza. An active user of social platforms, she commands a good following on Facebook and Twitter.

sania mirza In this interview, Sania will share her opinions about various social platforms, her online fans as well trolls. Read on to know more:

What brought you to Social Media?

Everyone was on it and i wanted to try using it to connect with my fans all over the world. Initially, it was just me just trying it out, but ended with me getting hooked to it.

You are pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. Which is your favourite social media platform and Why?

I like the fact that all of them serve different purposes, and offer great connectivity in some way or the other.

How often do you interact with your fans and community? As often as I can. If a fan has asked a relevant question which I happen to read, I make it a point to answer it right away.

Being a celebrity, you are going to face the ugly side of social media too. So how do you deal with the difficult conversations online?

You can’t let any of the negative things affect you too much. It needs to be taken in perspective. There are a lot of haters out there who are misusing the medium to say whatever they like, and the only thing to do in such situations is to ignore it.

Social media has narrowed the gap between fans and sports personalities by providing them with a medium to interact directly with each other, something that was not possible earlier. How do you think it has helped?

Like I said before, it’s great connectivity. I have fans posting our pictures which they clicked with me years ago. I get first hand feedback, wishes, and greetings from my fans. I know exactly how they feel about my victories, my performance, everything. It’s a great feeling. Also, I get to show my real self to my fans. It has helped in my fans and me getting to know each other better.

Any instances that you remember when a fan tweeted something funny/weird to you?

Ah, there are so many. I can’t list any one.

Summing up:

Sania landed on social media to connect with her fans all over the world and she has successfully achieved this objective by responding and connecting to her fans online.

Ignoring haters on social media is the best way to go about on social media.

Photo credit : Gaurav C. Bhatt