Social Media Campaign Review: Shoppers Stop Celebrates 23rd Birthday by Using Twitter for Charity

Shoppers stop birthday campaign

As a premier retail chain in India, Shoppers Stop has made good use of social media to promote and position its products and offers. This time, they decided to make a difference with their 23rd birthday celebrations with a Twitter based contest.


Shoppers Stop birthday campaign was being executed to help unprivileged children by involving the brands followers. The objective was to drive engagement using Charity as a concept.


The campaign, which ran from 27th to 30th October, created quite an impact in spite of its simplicity. Their campaign was essentially Twitter based, and involved every tweet every participant sent, and enabled it to help little girls! All one had to do was add #ShoppersStopBday to their tweets, and Shoppers Stop donated Rs. 2 per tweet to Project Crayons, an NGO that helps shelter and educate little girls.

Shoppers stop birthday campaign

Shoppers Stop Twitter


The four day long campaign raised INR 44,912 to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged girls. The unique aspect of the campaign was that it involved no physical gain for the participants, but encouraged people to light up the up the lives of the less fortunate among us, imbibing the true spirit of Diwali.

It was simple and thoughtful, not to forget maintaining a high level on social impact. The Shoppers Stop Facebook page had frequent updates and encouraging posts to garner greater participation.

Scope for Improvement

More money might have been raised if there was some offline support at Shoppers Stop outlets. Besides that, the campaign seems to have been the target of spammers.On Facebook as well as Twitter, one can find people tweeting the same thing over and over again.

Click here to see how spam has found its way in to the contest on Facebook and Twitter. Asking people to tweet about a specific topic would have been better vis-a-vis using a hashtag, while tweeting could be the reason why spammers have flooded the contest.


All in all, the campaign is a good initiative with a social edge. In keeping with Shoppers Stop’s concerted efforts to use social media to engage with their audience, it was a great way to celebrate their birthday.


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