Social Media Agency Feature: INKONIQ – A Full Services Digital Agency

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Who are we?

INKONIQ is an award winning global user experience design and development firm located in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore.

We combine design thinking, technical mastery and marketing expertise to deliver an awesome experience for brands and businesses in the areas of experience design and technology for mobile, web, smart television and internet platform.

inkoniq digital media agency logo

Founded in 2011 by Rajesh Kumar and his 3 co-founders, the company has currently over 60 employees and is growing rapidly.

What’s in the name?

INKONIQ derives it’s name from Iconic, since we want to become an iconic brand of India providing amazing user experiences for our clients, in terms of services we offer or the products we come up with.

What we do?

INKONIQ designs and develops innovative solutions for our discerning clientele by combining design thinking, technical mastery and marketing experiences. We develop solutions for User Experiences, Mobile APP, Interactive Website Designing and Digital Marketing.

Why we do it?

Today’s competitive world has changed the way people market and brand themselves including, but not limiting themselves to, only web or mobile, but for augmented reality as well.

We saw a gap in the field since people don’t provide design, strategy and technology together and hence come up with campaign and projects which does not resonate with their customers. We want to change the way people perceive brands and individuals on the web.

How do we evolve?

Constant change is universal, and a new challenge is thrown our way by our clients every day, who are becoming more and more demanding. Our internal practice of sharing and keeping ourselves abreast of the happenings in technical space, market, and design thoughts helps us in providing best solutions.

Inkoniq digital agency

Social responsibility in social media

Social responsibility, is the way of the future for all agencies as well as brands. Customers are becoming more aware and hence the brands are demanding varied interactions on social media leveraging their social awareness campaigns, and hence generating leads for sales.

Need of the hour

A serious thought process needs to evolve for everything digital and what is promoted on the web. If this is not done, one wrong message on social media, which is an open platform, gets in line for the brand’s sales and depletes the business.

The key is to understand that it’s not a playground, but serious business is being generated on social media for all brands,thus developing strategies helping agencies and brands market the correct way and connect with users who in turn give genuine feedback.

We learned the hard way

Learning is a continuous process and hence does not stop anytime for us at INKONIQ. The thing to remember is that you constantly evolve new and innovative strategies rather than giving any run off the mill strategy to any brand or client.

They work with us

Dentsu, Olympus, Place For Change, Savvymob, Flipkart.

Industry as we foresee

A YoY growth of 30% could easily be foreseen in the digital space with companies spending more money and wanting to connect with every single consumer.

A day without Internet

A day without internet reminds us of a scene from the movie 2012, where everything starts to give in and there is no place to hide. The internet, for an agency, is the single most important aspect to be connected with the world (REAL and DIGITAL) and the clients.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring! We are on lookout for:

  1. Frontend Developer- Mid- Senior level- 7 Positions. Must have expertise in Javascript, Jquery Plugin dev, HTML5, CSS3
  2. iPhone Developer- Junior- Senior Level- 5 Positions. Must have expertise in location, Content based apps
  3. WordPress Developer- Mid- Senior Level- 5 Positions. Must have expertise in WordPress plugin dev, PHP5, PHP Framework Knowledge
  4. Android Developer- Junior Level-Senior Level- 3 Positions. Must be good with Android API’s, SDK/NDK
  5. Flash Developer- Mid Level- 1 Position. Must be good with AS3, XML
  6. Designer-Creative Services- Junior Level-Mid Level- 4 Positions. Must be good with flash, logo creation, HTML, CSS, Banner ads.

Note: Please check the website for detailed Job descriptions for the open positions.