Social Media Campaign Review: Diwali ki Safai Contest by The Bombay Store

With Diiwali just round the corner The Bombay Store came up with two festive centric contests to engage with audiences. If you thought cleaning was a chore then the #DiwaliKiSafai contest might just make it seem like cleaning is so much fun and it can help you win some prizes.


As a premium lifestyle store The Bombay Store is constantly looking for ways to position its products and offers. The #DiwaliKiSafai contest is just one more step in this direction. An initiative that does not draw attention to its wide range of Diwali centric products directly, the contest is a move to engage with audiences just before the festival of lights arrives.


Diwali is the time for people to come together and clean the house of all old and unnecessary items. The #DiwaliKiSafai contest encouraged fans to pick up a broom and make some noise for #DiwaliKiSafai.

diwali ki safai contest bombay store

To enter this contest, one had to log onto The Bombay Store fan page on Facebook . Thereafter, ‘like’ the page to participate. Upload a picture of the item one threw away on their Facebook wall. Use the hash tag #DiwaliKiSafai while posting with the Post number. (For instance, if you were uploading an image for the first time, your post would read- #DiwaliKiSafai Post 1; during a second upload, #DiwaliKiSafai Post 2. The participant with the maximum relevant post wins.

You can check Contest Details here

Diwali social media contest


The contest gives a good twist to cleaning which people regard as more of a chore than something enjoyable. It also proves to be a motivation to people to get rid of unnecessary things and shows them that getting rid of junk can be a reason for them to win exciting prizes from this premium lifestyle store. The brand has leveraged user generated content to interact with their fans.

The contest was well integrated across Facebook and Twitter as both platforms have been abuzz with promotional messages and updates through the contest week.

Scope for Improvement

The Brand could have curated this user generated content by quoting their participants or mentioning them across all their social networks.

They could have used a branded hashtag instead of #DiwaliKiSafai. A generic hashtag doesn’t really put your brand in front of the people.  A specific hashtag, could have been more targeted. Isn’t it more convenient to track conversations by using a brand specific hashtag?

Twitter - Search - #DiwaliKiSafai


The Bombay Store has come up with a good Diwali centric campaign. As a premium home décor store the prizes are in line with its offerings and the central theme of the contest revolves around beautifying one’s home. Short and simple, the contest is a good social media endeavor by The Bombay Store.


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