Social Media Campaign Review: Toyota Innova Tries to Engage Users with #MyInnovaFamily Campaign

toyota innova facebook campaign


To endorse the Innova as a premium, family centric product among users.


For one, it could remind you of the arresting images of the three Bollywood protagonists driving through the desolate roads of Goa in the cult Bollywood film, Dil Chahta Hai. But the My Innova Family campaign is not just about Goa or road trips, it is a celebration of the grand Indian family and the ways in which they live together.

The campaign, being driven through a Facebook app, is a blend of graphical and a pictorial presentation of what one feels, in the possession of a Toyota Innova and a loving family, at the same time. Once you are on board with this idea, the app asks you a simple question – What does your Innova family look like? To answer this question, you need to upload a picture of your family, which doesn’t necessarily have to be taken with an Innova.

Toyota Innova facebook campaign

It would be best if you could also write a paragraph or two describing just why that particular moment as a family is so memorable to you. If your story is exciting enough, you could stand to win exciting prizes like a Nokia Lumia or a watch from Benetton, or a surprise gift which is yet to be announced. The pictures of your family will also be uploaded to the app’s gallery.


The campaign touches the right emotional nerve with its users through the family angle, and they have been pretty smart not using the friendship theme, which has probably been overdone on social media.

While the users can upload their best family moments such as those taken at a wedding, birthdays, and outings, they can also tag their family members and invite them to experience the app and its colourful, sliding gallery.

Scope of Improvement

Simplicity may not always be beautiful, and runs the risk of being perceived as boring. This could happen especially if an automobile brand promises big on social media and delivers little. The app is too simple and one-dimensional to engage users for long periods, and offers them very little that’s worthy of a revisit.

The theme of the campaign does not reflect, in any way, the brand’s offline positioning or its larger marketing strategy. It appears that the campaign is still awaiting its best picture and the story. In fact, only a handful of users have uploaded their memories in its gallery so far.


The campaign is a decent attempt at emulating simple ideas of what other brands are doing to engage users online. If it is for the sake of a good beginning then the campaign is definitely a good shot at a social strategy.

However, the auto giant can do much more to engage users, initiate conversations and become a talking point among the youth, and of course, leading their families to follow suit.